Kyriakos John Pappas Mavris

The reason I think compassionately in the morning is because of the momentary surge in my loneliness . link




In Zuckerberg’s responses to the senate or congress he made this remark. People have a choice when they post to Facebook.  Bullshit. He created an addition to our weakness. He is not a billionaire by accident.


To me this was a lack of responsibility on his part. I say he sat at the board table with his tribe and came up with this theory;

People, these humans are bound to their weakness to seek validation and fulfillment. So we see them posting every thought 10 times a day. What’s my location, why I’m happy, why I’m unhappy, what I believe in and their personal photos. Lets suck them in with emojis and remind them of everyone’s birthday. While they are happy and unsuspecting we will gather all their information.  This guy pulled a trick and should be held responsible.


Now wait, its not just him. Name all the social site that post random thoughts and photos. Same thing.  The biggest selling point of phones are photos? Because we are in the trap of snapping for fulfillment. Phone phone technology is failing for calling and emailing.


And so I am working on understanding the why I post my bullshit on Facebook.  It’s the same as writing this email. I want recognition, validation and fulfillment to my lonely ass life. I’m off Facebook in an effort to win myself back.

 I’m proving I need validation by the mere fact of writing this post.


Finding ourselves and fulfillment are root causes to all these shootings. Promoting the real hiding of self through what we feel is Charismatic on social sites is burying us farther into insecurity.  I practice all the extreme sports to find myself

Phewwww. I’m done for now.