Welcome  to the truth I re-discovered about joy.

This is  a place you may feel comfortable to be who you are under all your pretenses, known or  unknown. Say what is on your mind and have no fear of being ridiculed or judged badly.  It happens to be what you believe is true.


With the exception of collective consciousness, you most likely came into this world without prejudice. Some influences in your life may have caused you to believe some attributes about yourself that are not true. One upon a long time ago the ear was believed flat.  You may have many beliefs bout yourself because you were told enough times that you emotionally became them. That is  called a mask.  Yep, Just like a Halloween mask.  Its fake.  You may realize it when you are peaceful and contemplating the part of you that struggles against the world's current.


Under all those  thoughts, feelings, emotions and negative beliefs you are a fantastic human being. When you were 3 or 4 years old you probably didn't have much care of whether you plaid with Barbies or GI Joe. At least not until someone told you that was not gender right. That's called human domestication.


You probably can't remember because you have put many years between your perfection and what you think of yourself today.  If you are spiritual, you can read 100s of  scriptures suggesting you were created in the Almighty's likeness. And that was to feel love. You had no enemies until someone called them out to you.


At least that is the way it was for me. I have a few advantages over many of you. I was born i n 1949 and have moved into a new level of consciousness. Its called spiritual consciousness. I invested 25 years reading about possibilities I thought were foolish to believe.  There are parallel lines in the spiritual and metaphysical.

I will share my experiences and you decide if you are ready to leave the baggage of illusions behind.

You can discover abundances you could only dreamed possible at the end of a rainbow.

Its true; you only have to be open to believe in yourself.


Our bodies carry an arsenal of  chemicals that exceed the power of any synthetic drug you can ingest. They may not be able to resolve all your problems.  However you can learn how to manage them in peace. Those chemicals are neurotransmitters. You can probably relate to laughter, sorrow, anger, hate, that love feeling, courage, enthusiasm, pain and forgiveness . Yep, the right mix and you can control everyone of those. Imagine nearly always being happy, loving and forgiving without a pill. Each time you change your emotions you prove your power of changing you mind.

Think how much room would be in your conscious mind if you cleared the feeling of  anger and frustration. Possible? Absolutely.

All this is possible but you have to be willing to open your mind to what you don't know. You don't know is just like not knowing another language. You haven't opened your mind to the possibility of learning how do do it.

I did not invent this and I certainly have not read every book on earth. However I have exposed myself to plenty of it since 1992 when I was given an opportunity to be happy or angry.

As Steve Harvey writes, If you want to be happy you have to  jump. Jesus didn't say what was wrong, he just said what not to be and what to be.

Stay tuned my friends.