Worldwide needs to get on the same team.


Who ya gonna’ pick in 2020

As always, my thoughts are a collection of my opinions from the information I know.  I admit I don’t know all even if I profess to.


The dilemma is how I choose my leader this November.


I helped Donald Trump get into office because I was against what I knew of his adversary.

He is obviously a broken wheel.  He sure is transparent with his feelings.  Somehow, he has managed to make our economy appear to be stronger than ever.  However, the earth is melting but he doesn’t care.

We know any growth claimed by him is not all that solid because the market moves considerably with the wind regardless of him.  Anyway, my paper wealth looks good, At least as of October 2020.


There’s a left-wing push to take over the senate and White House.  They don’t care about what really matters.  If they did, they would have pushed to implement conditions on all the entitlements they granted to everyone in the past.  Not only taxes on the wealthy but something that would better serve the homeless and poverty level society.  They seem to pay out money so as to shut them up rather than promote growth and recovery.

If they win office, you will see, they will blame every failure on the previous administration.  Well that seems to be the pat retort from previous administrations.


Now we're in the midst of a cultural war with race.  If we begin today, the problem can't be repaired for 100 years. I use that number like the bible used the cliche "40 days or 40 years"


Joe Biden seems to be the Pinocchio on someone’s strings.  He has not shown me a bit of enthusiasm for wanting to be president.  Now he chose Kamala Harris as his running mate.  Check out some of her background.  Aside from idealistic motives, why would Biden choose a person who morally insulted him in the debates.  And why would she say yes after accusing him of keeping her in the back of the bus.  I say she has her own agenda.  And many of "We the people", are buying in. Her behavior has just been validated.  Its a shortsighted political motive.  Rather, should I say the puppeteers have the short-sited motive.  She’s a tiger but not in the ways I see best for our country or the world.  She’s strong but too self centered in my book.  She seems to be the “wann’a be the first one” to gain glory.  Almost as though she wants to prove something to herself or her mother. That is going to bite her supporters right in their self-righteous ass.  Proof is how Black Lives Matter murals are being defaced.  If ya can’t have a statue ya can’t have a mural.  If you’re a black victim many cops dump on you.  The same thing happened to women. And why haven't demands  been made to change the faces of our currency.


Harris as Biden, has her own idealistic motives.

If you think Trump screwed up, wait two years into the Biden administration. The cloak of hope by those cheering her on may explode in their face.  A friend said she'd put Putin in his place.  I don't think he would hesitate a second to drop a bomb on the USA if she started her rhetoric with him.  I feel the "HOUSE" put themselves into a corner for the greedy need to grab votes.  I feel Stacy Abrams would have been a better balance.   There will be hell to pay when her stomping feet in the oval office doesn’t go her way.


Nevertheless, he is stuck with it.  He is going to die unhappy.  Being a martyr is not the way to live.  Maybe he will say “For my country”.


I feel our only play is to let Trump stay and continue trying to put him in his place.  If we don’t, the uncertainty will cause the market to fail.


We can’t think righteously.  Think about our human behavior; First humans invented God To patch up our inequities. That didn't work so they conjured up a whole new testament by bringing on another superpower called Jesus. Poor guy. He was a real guy minding his own business.  What he said was better than what we were hearing.  We made him the savior because he just made sense compared to the options.  Its us that made him into a magic cure for our inequities. He wasn’t our psycho cure so we hung him and blamed it on God. That didn't work either.

What's next. A magic power from the black hole outside the galaxy or maybe someone like Jack Van Impe and his female Pinocchio.

Nope; we’re going to put Biden in play and mix him up with our hope.  I have mercy on the generation Y and Z.  We need Trump for another four years to try and get balance in play.


Look, we can't solve our race inequities, so we kill blacks just like we killed the American Indians.  I'm disappointed enough to head for the hills.


Here's an example of how the Dem's work for me.  I've called the mayors hot-line four times this season to pick up the homeless trash at end of my street. They have responded "ZERO" times. Its still there.


Now the Martians have landed (Metaphor please) on us again with the maybe the tenth world plague in our human history. You'd think we'd join forces by now. Nope, our humanistic behavior points fingers and blame. We are stand-up comedy and tragedy for them. Humanity is fucked up.


You decide who.