Bullying – Who’s at fault and who is the victim

Bullying – Who’s at fault and who is the victim
Defined: seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable).

It’s a behavior running ramped for hundreds of years but only become prevalent in the extreme school gun violence over the past 20 years.

Why can’t we see gun control may be a piece of it but not the core. The media and politicians seem to be up for ratings but little more. We must search a lot deeper than guns. This level of behavior doesn’t manifest in just a few years. It must stem back at least two generations.
Bullying falls somewhere between the killings and influences that bring the problem to this level. Why aren’t we willing to bring the problem to the forefront.
In some cultures, bullying has destroyed entire genders. Too often we, the innocent, disguise and justify it. We don’t know we are setting examples and domesticating the young. It is prevalent on so many levels.
Parents, teachers, grandparents and even comedians must realize they are contributing. The young perpetrators are victims. We raised innocent kids only to see their pain manifested through violence.
Some of the problem can be contributed to a neurological imbalance of what is called abnormal behavior. Much of this can be corrected.

Think about this; When we say “Awwww” to our siblings we may be sending a sympathetic subliminal message of inadequacy. Think about it. Awww, you poor baby for being inadequate.

A great deal of bullying behavior manifests out of low esteem seeking validation. It begins at our domestication through parental influence. A parent tells his child they are fat. A child relates it to odd or nonconforming. Child seeks out validation. A sibling may constantly receive compliments from a parent and the second sibling can be victimized by seldom hearing positive development.
These influences also come from employment sources. Lack of management leadership training enhances the behavior.
The result is the victim of these influences now becomes the victimizer.
We further encourage this behavior by disguising it as humor. Every late-night comedian bullies by intimidation when they demean our political figures. All for a laugh. There is no excuse for the behavior of some of the politicians. However we find solace in laughing at them rather than taking the action necessary to cause a cease of it.
The result of all these influences is lowering esteem and causing victims to seek validation. It may manifest itself through chemical use or physical lash out.
We need to be accountable to ourselves and consider we may have contributed to the behavior.
Changing this behavior as a victimizer is not easy. We all need to consider we have or are contributing to the problem. We must admit we may be a victimizer or at least redirect the thought of “Not me”. Another cliche is “What did I do”. YES, YOU. YOU HAVE TO SEARCH AND DISCOVER THAT YOU MAY HAVE DONE SOMETHING WRONG THAT CONTRIBUTED TO THE PROBLEM.
Once we have profoundly admitted or considered we may have contributed to this world wide problem we must begin a movement. We must influence every human being through our behavior.
Those who are adult victims can only resolve their problem by long term self-improvement.

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