God or Quantum

God versus Quantum

I was raised within what I call the Drag Me religion.  That’s where each Sunday my parents would drag me to church.  Most of the time my dad fell to some sudden plague and could not be with us. God must have loved him because when we returned from church he was cured. God is amazing.

I was raised Christian Orthodox.  As far as I new the difference between what is known as Christianity and Orthodoxy is my grandmother would cast Orthodoxy to be the one and only religion to believe in. Plus, as a child, all these men would dress up in the fancy gold uniforms leaving me to be fearful of them.  I thought they must be all powerful.  Granny never said the others would go to hell.  She did though make some compelling statements to get you to believe Orthodoxy was the highest.  She kind of implied it was the only box seat belief to heaven.

And so I grew up without much more direction than that.

However each time I got a pass on something I did wrong I’d say Jesus!!! Thank you God.  Then I’d pack up the three words until I got in trouble and was graced with another free pass.

I muscled my way through life until my 41st year. That is when the wreaking ball or concrete wall was before me. Some call it emotional bottom No more free passes.  At least that is what I thought. Little did in know that this, my worst tragedy would be my miracle to pass me on to happiness. That was when I hit my conscious bottom. That is when we look for something greater for humanistic resolve. God.  I somehow had an epiphany that there had to be a change.

I began to ask myself questions about myself and the world.  I had my first spiritual experience.  Or I think I did.  It came when I called out to God to help me relieve pressure I could not manage. Voila! One week later, all the circumstances were the same. But the emotional pressure was gone. The miracles that followed is another story not yet related to this journal.

The point was I began to open myself to the world and how I related to it. It took this yanking on my life to have this awakening. Why does it take humans this kind of peril to redirect. That is a flaw in this all sophisticated specie.

With some research to discover more about myself I  became aware of all the brutal conflicts currently going on around the world. It is insane.  Then I began to question God’s existence. How could he let all this happen?

I studied human behavior, the conscious and unconscious mind and then fell on quantum. Being somewhat good a logic and math I at last found a sound theory how we got here and how energy is a viable theory to control and the beating hearts in the universe.  Its quite substantial if you take the time to study it.  You can find really good reason to pass on the God theory and give it all to quantum. But maybe, just maybe, its one in the same.

The glitch comes into that theory when you throw in emotions.  Or the how. How is it that love, hate, suffering and happiness come into our mind.  I mean, where in us do thoughts begin.  Ah yes, our mind, the spirit, the sole. That some 3 ounces of weight we lose when we die. The beginning of our thoughts.  Our desires. The unexplainable.  There was a time when so many happenings were unexplained.  Man threw it to the God’s.  Then theorists presented evidence to the unexplained and again, Voila!, the God theory gets subordinated.

Of Course, there is still the unexplained.  Maybe some hundred years fast forward someone will find a library of writings that will tell the proof of the story of the garden of Eden and how Noah’s boat really came about. Maybe it was the first global warming.  We may learn another reason for all the brutal wars in the old testament other than it was God’s will to teach man.  Man wrote that story and it didn’t seem to work for mankind.  So then we headed to the New Testament.  They took a profit and made him God. I mean how moving that God would come to us in the human form and man would create this profound story.  We know how that story is not working.  That one didn’t all work the way it was meant to.  Or , maybe the entire drama from the Apple on the tree through all the atrocities going on in the world today are part of man’s flaw for learning.

Personally, I thought or think that man journaled all the good luck and bad luck into a dramatic story about God.  The super idol that no one is suppose to question. We did such a bad job of managing ourselves that we had to profess to a higher power.

But maybe there is a higher power and we can only explain it through our embryonic human mind.  Quantum is proof beyond the written word in the Bible or Quran.  I don’t know much about the Islamic religion, but I think I’m fairly safe in saying the Christian Bible has been altered, revised or amended time and again.  Just look at the Old testament and the New Testament. Further, there is much history of ancient libraries that have been burned either intentionally or by accident. In any case, there are evidences that may have dramatized the story of time much different then those we are familiar with.

In much of the world we have boundaries set by man. We call these police state. Then there is the system called religion. It comes in all varieties.  I rebutted a friend about it recently and he paused with gaze and said; It is the only system we have to work with that sets spiritual boundaries for man.  That one hit me. He’s right. Without it we would be even more tragic than we are.  We may even regress to the atrocities of the old testament. Or are we there right now.

There are a combination of reasons why religion is good to have around.  Good through a literal sense and a spiritual sense.  That sounds oxymoron from a man who is questioning the God theory.

Hello, my name is john and I am in discovery. For the most part its discovery of myself in order to free myself of opinion that controls my stinking thinking. Specifically anger and disbelief. Spiritual belief has so many angles and truly unsubstantiated theories that our mind can be in a permanent spiral downward.

So what if we found a path or justification to believe in the God theory.  What if I chose to believe enough to prove the God theory is true rather than exhaust my energy trying to disprove it.

Are God and Quantum Mechanics the same?  Are we in fear to name him something besides God?   if you really think about it, they could be one in the same with one subtle difference. We are trained to fear God.  If we don’t do this, that will not happen.  Even the last book in the bible threatens God will return to judge us. Maybe quantum is no different.  Newton explained it in his third theory of for every action there is an opposing reaction.  Isn’t that kind of how the God thing works?  Be bad and you get bad. Be good and you get good. Maybe the difference comes that we attribute initial thought to the spirit of the God theory.

For a moment Lets take look at man and some of his flaws as well as his qualities.

We are designed to learn most from our mistakes or tragedies. This is a flaw.  You would think the best learned would not come out of biggest mistake and pain.  Our inherent nature is not make drastic change unless we are dramatically moved.  One finds profound solace when they are diagnosed with stage four cancer and then for some quantum reason miraculously recover.  We attribute this miraculous recovery to God.  At that point, we learn to appreciate each moment of the now. Or do we just appreciate it for a few years and revert to our desire of self gratification through greed, AGAIN. This is the story after story in the old testament. God knew we were hard to learn so time after time he presented us with tragedies.  You would have thought exodus would have been enough.  To this day are greatest gain comes from our greatest loss.

When we connect the fear of death with the glory of reward we have pretty much covered all the experiences in life.  If we are lucky enough, we experience near termination and stick with the glory in recovery through the balance of our life. This is how the old cliché “He reached bottom” in alcohol works.

Lets take a person who truly is impacted by some sort of dramatic peril.  And lets say that person truly believes what ever happened that brought them back was powerful enough to let them experience glory for the rest of their life. These people truly appreciate every breathing moment.  They are the ones who will smile at any man, bug, flower, storm and be grateful for all the beauty in any of what you might feel is fearful. Man does not appreciate strong rains until he has experienced sustained drought. So here is a person that has decided to embrace it all as themselves and as all of every single thing being a part of a whole.  If they now hurt that believed to be external, they in effect hurt themselves.  This is kind of quantum.  Or is it the God theory of we are all one.  It is written about Jesus that he cleary said, Do not worship me, walk with me.

So is the miracle mans tragedy that gets him to experience the glory?  Does a man who gains true happiness, love and riches only gain appreciation from the true devastation of it all? Would man only experience the true love for a child after he lost another?

Then is life, death, suffering and glory all part of one entity.  And if that is, are we each part of the grand universe driven by quantum and the theory of God?

If so, then remember, how you treat every bug, flower or human is in part how you think and treat yourself.  Imagine how our universe would evolve if we believed we were all one as quantum and God say we are.

Bees and spiders bite to defend themselves. It is the wicked training you had that instills fear.  After all, the bee keepers and zoo keepers may have another theory on all the other species.

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