How much are you willing to pay to sell a relationship


Has anyone borrowed money from you and never paid you back? Is the relationship still standing? Is it glued back together but riddled with suspicion? If its broken, how much did they pay to lose the bond you once had, 100,200,5000?  For life!!


Many times, we or they, act on, lien on, rely on, and unknowingly impose on relationships and acquaintances for a variety of reasons. I’m a strong believer in a philosophy of never borrow money from or lend to a relationship unless the value of losing it is far less than the amount you borrow. The best intentions can go awry.  Another philosophy is never do to  another what you would not do to yourself or have them do unto you.


Unfortunately, one of man’s flaws is his total disrespect for relationships and his need for a peril to ensue before he becomes aware of true integrity.  I call that the peril on self.  Very often, the perpetrator then fabricates a resentment for the victim.  All this to balance their own inequity.


Next time think, Before you borrow money, or are unfaithful or challenge the value of a friend for some little act.  That act may cost the value of that friendship for life.  At the least, it can leave it a glued up mess as Humpty Dumpty was after the fall.

By the way, according to Dan Santat, although left with glued up cracks, Humpty was put together by the doctors at the Kings hospital.  He did survive.  The memory of the fall staid with Humpty for years.


Before we reach out to impose on anyone we have to sit and ponder the consequences of breaking our integrity.  And then the unfortunate flaw is we can only reach to our inner data base to come up with our own justification.

** 12/04/2021