Meet Kyriakos John Pappas Mavris.

Self certified life coach through experience and proven results

What is in me I have not discovered

Am I really happy and living with intension?

How did I get this way?                                           Can I really change my paradigm?

  • Am I driven by passion and meaning am I living in an accepted  cultural standard that is not me?
  • Am I living my life by intension or pretentiously selling who I want to be to others?
  • Am I burning precious time lying to myself and others?
  • Am I living in love for life and others or burning life blaming, resenting, and judging others?
  • Am I making my signs of the future or waiting for the sign man to show me the way to my future?
  • Do I have a sound foundation or am I still working solely off gut?
  • Am I ready to move beyond cultural expectations and the neutral zone of humanity?
  • Am I absolutely ready to ask for help discovering  my true potentiality?


Learn what

The Human Condition is and how we may have held ourselves back from our wildest dreams.

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