Life’s Time Line

[We each have our own timeline of evolution and time for change]

Our human timeline is our path influenced generations before we are conceived through our death. Who we become in actuality or by illusion is a collection of physical, neurological and evolutionary components. Summarizing the graphic below we see it is set up as; collective unconsciousness, genetics, gestational development, personal unconsciousness, parental domestication, human influences, unfortunate trauma and hopefully awareness and acceptance of evolving truth. Our goal should be to; 1. Understand and reach awareness of the human timeline so that we are able to evolve from our present belief state into a higher and continuous evolution of our greatest potential. and 2. With that understanding, be able to understand we have little influence over other’s timeline and free ourselves of believing their behavior is by intension of their core. 3. By understanding other’s behavior we are able to reach inner peace by freeing ourselves of judgement against them.

We come to believe we are merely at a different place in our timelines and are acting in our belief of truth at that moment.
Only by some character similarities from our past are we able to catch a glimpse of where they are in their timeline. Even then our best understanding of others only illuminates after we are inside our true awareness. With all the individual variations, we can’t possibly understand where each person is in their timeline. However, when we are in the awareness stage of our timeline, we understand to accept theirs and not judge them for being where they are. Even if it is on a much different trajectory than ours. We then have to determine if we can live withing that trajectory or separate our self from theirs.
Consider the example of walking up to a sales counter feeling great and the clerk is looking down and solemnly expresses a sad facial expression to help you. You then judge them for having a terrible attitude and express it to them. Suddenly they burst out crying and share their sister and mother were killed in an automobile accident and they have not money to cross the country to console the other family members. This is very example is very mellow dramatic but a better way of making the point of differences on our timeline.
We can’t expect another to understand the perils of crossing the country on a bicycle when they are only just beginning the journey.
We must understand the concept of the timeline and learn how we can reach our personal goal. It begs to the theory of repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting change. We must seek from a center we are not aware.

How many times have I asked myself, “How did I get here?” I’d rather say I’m happy I’m here and how can I make myself even better. Is say through discover of a place I know not exists. It comes with faith, hope and constant searching.

Once I uncover the clear understanding of my theory of timeline, I seek constant change to a place I had no idea existed in me. I put little to no faith in any outside forces making my determination. That would be like living each day of my life on the chance that I will win millions in the lottery. I could postpone my life, buying a ticket each week and saying, “someday when I win, bla, bla bla.” Rather, I come to a point of accepting I was a moving target to myself. Kind of like how high is high, the universe has no end, and I am able to continue to evolve. I search for greatness in myself. I know that evolution continues every second of every day. I’m open to incredible highs. Once man dreamed of flying. Then he found himself on the moon. Now he found himself landing on Mars.

There was a time I didn’t understand the theory of “I don’t know what I don’t know.” Although I’m still learning, I now know and accept I’m going to learn from a baseline where I may not even know exists. When I accept that theory for others, I find myself releasing myself from judging them. From there I gifted myself the freedom of space in my mind. The rewards are huge. I now have more room to love and find myself dealing from a level of peace.

I learned my daughters accept me more for who I am rather than the dad who shakes a finger at them for not living on my timeline.
Another gift I have earned is such a reduction of stress that at 70, I am off my heart meds and enduring the treadmill at the rate of a 50 year old.
Still working on it, I have I relieved a great deal of myself from judgement of others and accepted them. Many people go through their entire life not realizing what peace, happiness and fulfillment can be. They think they do but they live in their present truth which is a comparison to their past.
Ever say to yourself OMG, there it was under my nose for years. If only I had seen it then.
If I knew then what I know now, life would be different for me.
Yet, having heard those quotes time and again we still fear change. This is because as humans, we are wired to constantly feel good. We fear change.
Many of us have this misconception that we have achieved our full potentiality just because we reach a certain age. Again, they only compare their now to their past. If it feels better than their past they fall into a misconception. Then when they are confronted with a major trauma or the luck of self-awareness causes them to change without that trauma. I was managing a very successful company I build from scratch. One day I looked over my horizon and asked myself if I accomplished this, what am I missing that I am not aware of. I gave my employees notice and headed west in a company car. I ended up discovering the reddest rock formations in southern Utah. I never dreamt these formations existed. Someone there said as long as I was there, I should drive up to Yellowstone. There I experienced the spring birthing of wildlife. I then headed to Idaho and base jumped off a bridge. It was such a moving experience I returned home and sold my company. Two months later I found myself roaming the bush of five countries in Africa. As long as I was there, I shot up to Tanzania and climbed Kilimanjaro. I agree this may be on a larger scale than most. But the point was I learned all this by exploring a place I didn’t know existed. I accompanied fear with faith.
Finding the freedom in my mind proved I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Thus, I realized many others act from a defensive position in their own timeline and at a different place than mine. With that I found forgiveness and love. Again thought, it doesn’t mean I lay down to trouble without caution. But I love and forgive more. I’m more at peace because of it. I also know where to go when I want to discover more of what I don’t know.

Feeling someone should know better is a judgement we make from the baseline of our domestication. This is one enormous misconception. Exaggerating, if you put a human in a box for the first 40 years of their life, they cannot be expected to know better. If criminals really knew how great their life could be they would not be criminals. Simple as that. I’m not saying we can let them roam the planes not managed. I am saying we must learn how to manage them and understand they are also victims. We need to learn forgiveness. Ever wonder how a mother can forgive the murderer of one of their own children? She insists on not suffering for their misunderstanding.

[Understanding the levels of our timeline]

[Collective unconscious]
Is a general collection of traits developed in man through evolution. General human features, walking upright, being wired with the desire to feel good or instinctively born with a sense for feeling fear. These are only a few. Study theories of Carl Jung for further explanation.

[Theory of libido]

Mistakenly but often limited to man’s sexuality. Libido includes the inborn ego and man’s instinct to feel good and his general psychic energy and motivation.

[Gestational development]

This is a critical time of impact not often considered. The mother’s emotional state during gustation. Was she calm, nervous, influenced by drugs, happy, abused?
A collection of pathological and neurological events can impact a personality. This and genetics is often metaphorically compared to an orchid’s or dandelion’s reactive resilience. Humans are born with these one or the other behavior. How we influence them is a determining factor in their outcome.

[Domestication, by family and outside influences]

This is such an ill-educated and abandoned understanding of our development. It is a time in life that impacts our truth and becomes our imbedded belief. It is more difficult to change than we think. We blame adults for not knowing better. How can they if it is not part of their belief system. Don’t be fooled that they should know just because they are older. There are many high-profile cases on the docket today that exude lack of awareness. You’d say I’m crazy and they should have known better. Yet they don’t. if they truly felt in their heart, they were hurting others as much as they have, they would not. This is where any predisposed pathological and neurological behavior impacts our collective conscious mind. We often suppress thoughts that leak out in specific emotional behaviors. It is this personal unconscious mind that influences our beliefs. I’m not at all saying to set them free. I am saying we should pity them for who they’ve become. They have developed beliefs like in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, false love by a misdirected desire to feel good. This underdeveloped awareness allows us to develop false beliefs. On a more personal level, these beliefs cause us to believe we are stupid, smart, unable to perform or grow. They also work in reverse depending on our outside influences. Many athletes have proven their passion and drive to unbounding heights.

[Personal belief system]

Combining all the levels in our timeline result in our Personal Belief System. We call this our truth because we believe it to be true. We form this truth from a collection of past thoughts and influences. We imbed them within ourselves and live by them. Generally speaking, more often than not, excluding awareness, we will later in life determine our truth is actually an illusion. Examples are if you believe your are fat, ugly, worthless etcetera, it is because someone imbedded their judgment in your personal unconscious mind. There are no valid baselines for most of what we believe. If we are unable to manage our personal belief system, we often run to the feel good by seeking a quicker fix than logic and reason. Cookies, drugs or even self-abuse are only a small sampling of our fix addictions. We further subsidize our fear and weakness through spiritual beliefs. Rather than energizing ourselves to grow into areas of the unknown, we make an excuse that we will wait for God to show up. If you believe in him, heads up; he doesn’t work that way.
Or we may just live dumbing responsibility or blame on others for not performing to your lesser standards.


This time in our life is the true meaning of a double edge sword. If it works, I call it the big bang theory. It can go in two directions. We either come to believe everything we taught ourselves was a temporary truth and we are now ready to search in the place we do not know exists, our center, or we further drive ourselves to a self-deprivation level of useless self-destruction.


This word is often profoundly misinterpreted. Another word is knowing. If you just say “I know”, you are not in awareness. If you sit in peace and experience a profound understanding that you have been wrong about yourself most of your life, you just may be in awareness. It is a point where a insecurity begins to turn a corner toward better in site and self-encouragement. Only few can relate to the analogy of learning your stage 4 cancer is in remission. That is now huge encountering awareness is. My entire life changed when I encountered awareness. We begin understanding that most of our timeline was an illusion. We chatter it for a new truth. We begin to learn that the truth is now in our destiny and it is ever changing. You reach one new height and learn that’s not your truth because there is always higher. Rather than just being pissed off that Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny don’t exist; we understand that both were truly a sense of love within us. We are going to learn it is only a metaphoric concept. We will now no longer wait for the God bus to show up with our destiny. We will pull up our bootstraps and either live and discover life on our own or develop this incessant passion to reach into the unknown to discover how great we are. If you believe in God, you will understand the belief was only a fear cushioning belief and never designed to entrust your living future to an unknown entity. Its all fine to have faith and hope. This is another collective unconscious psyche. But if God is real and great as some believe, he wants you to enjoy the most in yourself as a human. Less than that you are not the strong believer you may have been professing to b


Hopefully we don’t wait for this day before we discover how precious the timeline was in life. Everything after death is merely hope before death. There is only belief and no real evidence.

[Some illusions we were influenced to believe]

I want to beat one or two horses nearly to death one more time before helping you smash down the door to your potentiality and reason for being on earth. The horse is to prove how much you have believed in lies imposed on you by human domestication.
One is that darn Santa Clause. Whatever the motivating reason, before you found out he was a lie, songs were written about him threatening your annual earnings would among to nothing more than coal if you were naughty. He was used as a threat to get you to behave a certain way. Then Christmas morning, if your parents were so deprived, you were left disappointed because he didn’t come across with the gift you wanted. If you showed distain your parents said you were an unappreciative little brat. You received the socks you needed or some gift that may have made your parents happier than you. Then you reach a certain age and the truth of the illusion comes out. If the meaning of the event was as special as it is supposed to be then that love would be handed down 365, 24/7 in other ways besides bikes, trucks or dolls. You were lied to. Forget that lie along with the Easter Bunny. Whatever its foreign origin, it is used to make a parent happy watching a bunch of kids go on a hunt discovering eggs.

Then you have Halloween. Another huge hypocritical hallowed event. It’s the razing of the dead. And you dress up as some pretentious character only to sugar feed yourself into to a crazy frenzy. And even then, your parents may threaten to take away all your candy. These are all illusions of grandeur.
Another threat we may have been trained by nearly 4,000 forms of religions is to 1.) Worship God to a point of living your earthly life in such a way or the threat that if don’t watch your Ps and Qs your off to hell. 2.) Wait for him to live your life in his time frame rather than your special human self. This is so tragic. If he does exist and created this huge grandioso universe for all its glory, he would certainly want you to enjoy your human life plus discover all the great things that apply to you in this universe. And do it without his help. Especially because he gave you the freedom of choice. Just live by the principles loving you and humanity. You will live life and discover how great you are.

• As the cliché goes, all those horses are now dead but now forgotten. The next thing you may have been taught is that you are the wrong size, dumb, ugly, the wrong color and would not amount to anything. Oh my Gosh!!! How do you believe this nonsense? Just ask Lizzo. Here’s a woman who’s going for it and all life offers. She may win entertainer of the year.

• Because you are human and your collective unconscious has wired you to feel good, you could go to any of the immediate power given escapes. You could escape to every popular dopamine supercharger called drugs or alcohol or chocolate chip cookies. You have proven to yourself that the next morning all you have to show for it is nothing. What I invite you to do is take a greyhound to Utah in July and just look at the wonders that nature has created.

• You could take off on the endorphin high and impose your sex drive on an unsuspecting sole. For which all you have left the next morning is guilt or a felony.

In any case, regardless of your age, if you really, really knew better or were “AWARE”, you would find a joy in raising your self-esteem and neuro transmitters by accomplishing natural feats by launching your discovery. But you can’t because until you know what you don’t know, your truths lye in many lies that you believe because that is how you were taught. You think you stink or have added that proverbial “ apostrophe “‘T” to the most labeling three letter word, can.

[Examples before the how to change]

Before I go into more how, search up these few who overcame unbelievable adversities. They took the Apostrophe T out of can’t.

These are only a few of the many who went on to achieve what I view as applaudable greatness.

• Jacky Hunt-Broersma
• Bethany Hamilton
• Tom Whittaker

• Terry Fox
• Jessica Cox.
• Xia Boyu
• Arunima Sinha

[Personal examples]

I was a confessed alcoholic although I denounce calling myself one. I hate the defective stigma. Then because humans are wired to feel good, they are domesticated to shun or express some sort of sympathetic response when you tell them you are an alcoholic. They clammer, “hide the booze, John is here”. I don’t claim that stigmatic label but more so, I openly claim I drank a lot. I do know I no longer drink because when I do, dumb and endangering things happen. When I go to any meetings I say “Hello, my name is john and I’m in discovery rather than I’m in recovery. They all but ask me to leave for trying to encourage a stronger belief in myself. So that is one of my steps. Do believe in myself.
The point is, to say I am an alcoholic is not how it works for me. If you begin to show off photos of your former 350 pound body you are only looking outside yourself for elevation. Keep the photo next to you and hike a mountain with your new body.

One key to changing our domesticated or neurological/physiological behavior is to come to a mortal realization that there may be another way of living our belief system. After we admit we really don’t like how our life is headed, we must admit and accept there may be another way of conducting our self. But wait, we are not wired to admit we don’t know a better way so we have fear to seek it. In addition, the new system is not going to show up in an Amazon package. Maybe in a book from Amazon but it ain’t coming like a box of sugar. You must play the game. Go to the mirror and think a rotten thought and then ask yourself, WHO SAID SO??? Probably you. There’s a lie about you.

[We must believe our way of thinking may be wrong]

We can live our entire life driving 40 in a 25 and believe it is okay because we’re never forced to change. We even blame the cop for giving us a citation. We call him names. Then we get our fourth ticket and go to jail for 5 days and lose our job. Now, we have no problem adhering to the speed limit. It is going to take work to reduce our speed without going to jail. Take responsibility, do the speed limit and be proud you made a change for free. If you can do this, holy cow! What else?
We smoked for tens of years and swore we were going to quit. We patched ourselves, hypnotized our brain and took drugs to stop. None of it worked. Why? because we were not ready. Then the doctor tells us we have lung cancer and we are going to die if we don’t quit today. No problem. We are done that moment. Like reducing our speed, it became easy once we changed our mind. But how do we change our mind? Start changing your friends who want to eat chocolate chip cookies all day long. I mean it. say you want to quit. I use that example because I as fit as I am, I gorged myself with Chip Ahoys. They are no longer permitted in my house. Like alcohol, if I have one it is not logical not to have 20.
Stop making excuses. I promise you will really love yourself when you get to the other side of this insanity of lies. Stop with the, “I can’t because I have kids.” How many entertainers take their kids on the road with them or involve them in their passionate desires. Your kids will probably love you for involving them in outdoor events. Now I’m speaking about little people. Over 13 and they are on their own. Now your lucky because you don’t have to coax them to step up. It’s not easy to wake up and get into something new. Just stick with the 21 day to make a habit plan. You will find new friends in that arena. Not easy but you will erase the ‘T from the can’t.

[More how]

I admitted my way was not working and I would have to find another way. I have ADHD so for those of you who have it you know, slowing my mind down to comprehend is not easy. I must find a way to get it down. I want to have a better psychosocial understanding of others and myself, so I must find a way to understand it all. I must read. Or get an audio. They are out there for our affliction.
I now work out. Without my phone in my hand I may add. I saw and overweight person on the stair stepper today. She tripped 3 times trying to step and read her social media. Put the phone away. Our brain health is as important as our body health. I learned that the benefit of a good work out is not only healthy for my body, but it slows down my mind. I still must catch myself wondering and must read the paragraph more than once. However, the reward is not just saying I read the book. I take my time and understanding what I read. Sometimes I must read the book twice. But now I leave with more than hearsay.

Back to the timeline of life. In retrospect and on the path, each decade brought me new revelations. After 30 years of study, I think I have some wisdom. What I know is my life is a timeline riddled by events, good and bad. Some words stuck as stains and others were temporary marks. Where I was responsible, I influenced others based on the knowledge in my timeline. Looking back on my timeline, I realize my current goal line is nothing like my past timeline.
We move along our timeline and if we are fortunate, we begin to have a better understanding of life and values. Let’s say we have this revelation when we are 60 years old. 60 is a reasonable decade in our timeline for this transformation to rise. No 30 year old child wants to hear their 70 year old dad tell them what’s wrong. At least not my 30 year olds.
Of course, we must not always let the munkins run free. However, let them pick out their school cloths. If they are wrong, they will find out quick. Just remind them you can help if they want. Maybe a teasing comment can be, “at least my mom lets me pick out my own cloths.” You don’t have to be rich to enjoy self-expression. You will feel good for letting them choose. Who knows, you may learn something about free expression.

So here is the greatest gift I gave myself besides continuing to search learning in areas I don’t know exist.
I freed myself of all my stinking thinking that the world should admire. I’m happy enough with me that and have no more need for your pat on my back.

[Understand we are all on our own timeline]

Others are on their timeline and may not be ready to hear what I have to say. we will know real quick if they want to hear us. The starting point is to continue to live our life by the philosophy we now learned. Don’t preach it like I am now. Just live it. Not even if they are about to get hit by a train. It is unlikely to have any impact other than them thinking you are crazy. Of course, they could get run over. But if they survive, they will have learned awareness of not going up against a moving locomotive. They don’t call it Loco’ for nothing. Just because you apologize for being wrong isn’t necessarily going to get us a punch card worth giving them 50 pieces of wisdom. However, it feeds a great deal of personal freedom.
The sooner we realize each human is on their timeline, the sooner we get to free our self of the inner struggle we punish ourselves with. If they want help, they will ask. Just love them and live by example. Finally, one day, hopefully, they will reach a point on their timeline when they will have had enough of their life as it is and seek change. Don’t even give them a book before they are ready unless you put the book in a box with a note on the outside that says open me in 15 years or when you are ready to free yourself of yourself.
To you my friend, I say wait until you are really free before you share your freedom advice with others. Also, not until they ask. You are welcome to say you are happy to help if they want help. Love yourself, live your life. If someone asks, be sure to ask them if they are asking for your opinion. Be careful how you respond if you pick up on any other indirect responses. It is likely to backfire on you and put more space between the two timelines.

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