Man’s flaws and the principles of light

Man’s flaws and the principles of light

This may get a little off track. Maybe that is why I’m not a best seller. All I ask is try to dig into all of it and sort it to where it makes sense. Its not easy if we don’t speak the language of self-awareness. It took me a while until I decided to be honest with myself.  I had to remove my mask of pretense and self-deception. I learned digging deep is called contemplation, almost like mediation. We must dig into our center. That is where pure spirit and truth lies. Spirit because it seems to be an invisible fuel that only the human body can translate. This is why the spirit can’t live without the body and the body would be an utter wreck without spiritual guidance.

This might be a good time to come to terms with the word spirit:

Also note the use of the word “Man” in this script is a metaphor for humans. It is not intended to be gender related.  If we gender relate, we are cheating our self and probably do that in other areas of our lives. That is the unconscious dark side of us. We then find ourselves drinking the poison of the sinner who committed the original negative. Its called that anger or blame. Some say, “YOU MADE ME THIS WAY”. The truth is, our weak insecurity let ourselves feel angry. Passing responsibility for our own feelings is one of our deepest flaws.

For the purpose of this post, relate to the God principles as light.  Try to understand the humanistic side of this as well.  Humans are a sophisticated machine designed to think and interpret. When a thought of light comes to you, your mind body make the interpretation.  They work together. Personal beliefs from our programming often confuses the interaction of the body and spirit.  Although we were born with a inheritrices residing in our collective unconscious, much of our behavior comes from broken humans programming the new humans, children.  Think of good or bad as light or dark.  There may be something out there other than Quantum or the human body.  Something intangible inside our nucleus.  We often call it God because we need a target to believe in. You can call it God in another form.

Actually, having the trust in the defined God’s principles of light is better than only believing in the human self.  But you have to use the human machine to interpret the spiritual light.   I personally don’t chase mythical entities.  However, I am open to all possibilities if they make some sense.  I do consider the light or purity that resides deep within. If that is God to you then so be it. As a child I was free, innocent and happy until I got wacked once or twice.  Than I was told I was bad.  The human programing began to stick with me.

Today, I do my best to live by the principles the entity of light professes.  Jesus didn’t say worship me.  He said hold my hand. This was his way of saying live by the principles of light. If we don’t, we will not experience all the rewards human life can offer. If we live by dark principles, we definitely will end in more tragedy than less tragedy. The oxymoron of the story is that man says God is selfish and wants us only to believe in his entity.  If we don’t, we will be doomed. I say, malarkey. The spirit needs the body as much as the body needs the spirit to live. We have all heard the cliché, he lost his spirit to live.

If he is out there, he says try my way.  If we want to keep banging our head against the human wall, then go for it.  When we finally live by the principles of light, we will enjoy some really cools stuff.  Namely inner peace and freedom.  I know, I’m nearly 70 years old.  I’ve screwed up a bunch.

God could be a name like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny.  Strange how they are both connected to the biblical stories of God yet somehow, we dismissed them as myths. Santa was theologically brought about by a kind man in a Country called Myra, now Turkey.  His kindness was attached to his gifting much like the wisemen to the baby Jesus.  The Germans brought the bunny myth to the US in the 1700s. Its nuts how their mythology created it as an animal that could lay colored eggs.  It may have attached itself to Christian Orthodoxy when they, the Orthodox humans, used the red egg to symbolize the blood of Christ.  The egg was his tomb.  Culturally two people bang eggs to see who’s is stronger. Cracking the eggs symbolizes the resurrection of Christ.  We would think we would want ours to crack so we can symbolize our own resurrection. Nope!!!  The ego takes over and the uncracked egg tours the room trying to be the strongest.  In actuality, the broken egg is the winner. See??? This is some of the human mythological stories that were twisted into biblical beliefs. As we grew, we couldn’t prove any relation to Santa and the Rabbit so we dismissed them. Well not really dismissed. Afterall Macy’s took over Santa and April brings on all the Easter Egg hunts.

Yet we hung on the stories of God.  Some of them tragic like the Eve and Adam story.  Or Noah’s flood.  Or worst of all, the terrible atrocities and their outcome controlled by God.  Why are we so stuck on man’s version of the God story?

What I’m guessing is fear plays such an important role in the God story.  Man has set Christians up to think if they don’t worship God, they are headed for doom. Even the last chapter threatens God will come down at the end in a fury to claim the good ones and send the bad ones to hell. This is utter black mail. What about the all forgiving God.  That spirit inside of you that is pure forgiveness.

How is it that many of us don’t believe in ourselves? Yet we believe or have faith in the invisible spirit.  Christians go by the account called the bible. Written by man’s accounting of some experiences.  When in fact so many of the archives have been destroyed.  We really may not have the real story. So we drafted a story in an effort to control man’s flaws.  We black mail man by saying if we don’t do this, that will happen.  Why not just promote, if we do this, we get to experience the good of the spirit in the good of the human body.  Combining the two can over ride the human ego.

Little has changed in thousands of years of man’s professed tyranny of God. Are the atrocities of Yemen, Syria or Hitler any different than the battle of Jericho?  Why hasn’t the bible been amended again. We changed it once by calling it old testament and new testament.

The question to be asked is if he is an all forgiving God then why on earth would he continue to manipulate the outcomes of all the battles in the old testament. The battles go on to this date, but the bible is not amended. Seems that God stopped talking to man after Christ died. He left the teaching of light to us alone.  We are watching that mess every day.  Yet it’s the only system we have.  If we let man have his way without laws he will probably live by power and greed alone.

Man, the human flesh, was born with and continues to have a collective unconscious trait of wanting good but fails to get the point. It’s a flaw that is in us. The human mind always needs to be convinced.  And even then, we fall.  We turned the desire for good into greed. So much that you don’t feel good about ourselves.  If you believe in God do you think he wants you to feel insecure does he want you to be happy.  Are you committing sin because you don’t like yourself?

Eve would have taken the apple from the tree with or without the serpent’s help. It’s the human flaw.  Why don’t we get that?  Rather, we have to put some twist to the story.

The more we take responsibility and be accountable the faster we will understand the reality of the human flaw and change it.

When we sit in church, we often wonder what brought all those parishioners there? For many, it was some sort of tragedy. For others it is fear. We seek clarity and understanding.  In most cases, after a time we begin to waiver or put distance between ourselves and what may have brought us closer to the principles of light.  How can we experience better if we don’t practice?  We do it in other areas of life.  Living the principles of light is not a lottery.  We have to practice it.

Here’s an anecdote. Ever hear of C&Es? These are people who only show up to church on Christmas and Easter.  I think they should feel guilty for going rather than going twice during the year. Although attending those two days would be a nice start if they were repenting.

A few are there because they truly have faith and have a clear understanding that we can learn to feel better by experiencing better within ourselves. They live closer to the spirit professed by God rather than the human body’s belief system. These are the people who don’t have to go to church.

Jesus said he wanted to be with the sick.  The healthy didn’t need help.

People seem to forget that God made man in his likeness. At least that is what the book says.  To me that means he added a touch of himself in each of us. That is the spirit. That is the 21 grams of unexplainable weight loss when we die. That means God is in us.  We don’t have to go outside of our self to find his likeness. However, he inside of us, is so suppressed by the human flesh that we don’t see him for who he is, more so, who we are.  We are God disguised in a human body.  Just like Jesus. We must consider and contemplate this to find all the goodness inside us.

That is why he put his pure spirit into the human body. The spirit needs the human body to bring it to life. Otherwise it will be a lifeless entity.  The Spirit is kind of like the supersonic pure jet fuel in us.  The flaw lies within the human body’s abilities.  Those abilities are flawed by our own body functioning. It’s desire gets it’s wires crossed.  Every specie has its traits.  Dogs, cats birds are all individually designed. Ours is to be able to think and reason. But our flaw is in our training.   Our spirit can bring us such great potential if we would only not permit the dark side of our human body to overbear us. We have flaws. It takes most of us most of our life before we understand the programing.

Judging our self negatively for not having faith in God is a human flaw. I’m not talking about belief or not.  I’m talking about judging our self badly.  If we do judge our self badly, we will feel guilt. The guilt may put us into a quandary.

Quandary because God’s professions and principles are not to pass judgement.  If God is out there, I don’t believe he judges us.  He accepts us.  He smiles for the ones who live in light and is saddened for those of us who live in dark.   Guilt is to  judge our self badly.  That is a sin within the principles of God’s order. So when we judge our self as insecure, we are passing judgement on an illusion rather than seeking the way for the spirit to bring us out of it.   The human body can be a fine machine as long as we let the spirit be the gyro. From there we have to seek the right interpretation.  Yes!, seek it.  I have been in discovery for 25 years. A tragedy became me, and I consciously decided to learn more about the pure spirit of light inside me. I set myself out to learn what I didn’t know.  I am human and not perfect, but I continue to search. I don’t believe the God bus will just come rolling down the street.  We must chase the spirit in us because our human flaw, ego, is strong and will fight us for revenge.  It is really a simple interpretation.  It’s the willingness to believe in our self that is difficult.  Along our path we have been somewhat brainwashed by our human influences.  That is called domestication.

When we believe in our self, we feel good and that is what God wants.  If we feel good, we are attaching that feeling to the center of our self which is our perfect spirit.

We must be careful though. Many humans allow the feel good to get attached to the ego. That is the human fuel factor and not the principles of light called spirit.  A little ego is okay because it is a human trigger for passion, hope, desire and discovery.  The spirit needs that to surface its purity. The human body is like an eight cylinder car running on six cylinders.  It needs the spirit to activate the other two cylinders.  The body needs the spirit and the spirit needs the body.

When we amplify the feel good and attach it to ultra-ego, we tend to be selfish. This proves to be destructive.

Finding the balance is difficult. The human part is ambitious and impatient. That is not a flaw but if not balanced with the spirit, it can be destructive.  We can get all confused and out of balance.  We then try some sort of quick escape.  Sometimes we use drugs.  If our human-geno is muted, we move to addictions.

In order to understand this, we must be in a state of true contemplation and awareness.  Awareness is the first step to fixing imbalance.  I don’t ask you to follow me.  However, I invite you to search and discover the real you.  If you study to discover, you will find as I have, great things are in our body.

I pushed myself to conquer the fears of downhill skiing, sky diving, rafting grade 6 rapids, flying airplanes, mountain hiking, facing the wild in Africa.  The greatest fear was facing the fear of the external God for understanding his light within my own body. That is the spirit in me.

Ya’ gotta go for it because there is no real proof of the hereafter.  Even if there is a hereafter, this time we spend on earth is one of the most fun and greatest experiences proven to man.

Good luck, safe travels and wonders to you in your discovery.



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