More on the Quantum God

Quantum: Defined as a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.


God: Defined in Christianity is the eternal being who created and preserves all things. Christians believe God to be both transcendent (wholly independent of, and removed from, the material universe) and immanent (involved in the world).


Yet we say that we were made by God in God's likeness.  That means we are God. Or we are a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of radiation we represent. Scientifically we know we are a ball of atoms driven by the impetus of energy we call  god or quantum.


How many names have been given to God: The four most popular one-word names are Yahweh; Elohim: Adonai : and El.  Other laymen names are God, Lord and I AM. These last three are most commonly used by common man.


Now to back and read the definition of both. Take them apart and read them again and again.


Now consider this. How could man ever unify each other into a force of love if we merely professed the universe, world,galaxy and infinity were controlled by quantum. It would not be possible because it seems to be too scientific rather than mystic.


However if you look at the properties of quantum, they fit all the prophesies of the entity we call God. In reality, the properties of quantum more justify all the inconsistencies  of the bible.


So why don't we accept that which we is called God is actually the force we call Quantum? there are a few reasons. one of them is fear.  We are too frightened to Give up on the hoax man has created in an effort to control the human flaw.  Another reason is we would all have to be united into one force.  Actually we are all in one force but we call it something else or practice something else because we are greedy.

We can't think of being united.  Yet we prophesize that very unification after death.

And one more reason we don't honor the possibility that God is Quantum; it would dissolve what ever unification we have.


Although religion is a human opinion, it too is a feeble broken  method to control mans inequities.


Please often say they are not religious but rather spiritual.  What that is, is you managing the quantum forces of energy within you to jell or meld with the universe you call the higher power. And it works.  You change your forces , commonly called your mind, and make things happen.  Bad or good we call it God giving man the choice to make his mind up.


When we say we put it in god's hands what we are really doing is partnering with a trust that triggers our courage. Very similar to trusting you have a parent guardian  around us that consequently gives us more courage. With the courage of having God at our side we step out into the circle of energy we always had control of.


And yet a human flaw is not only believing what other human flaws say about us but we cultivate the domestication within ourselves that once told us we would  fail.  We believe that human nonsense.


We are all as great as our creator says we are.  We all have the potential our creator said we do.

what we have to take to heart is we can make all things possible. Whether you call it God or Quantum, it is up to you to make the move.  Don't wait for the God bus to show up, (waiting for the sign), before you take control of your life.

Keep the simple prophesy at hand. I will do unto others as i wish them to do by me.  Then respect your self the same way.

Now go for it.  Be a human for all it is for.