Hiking Camel Back mountain in Arizona

Hiking the narrows in the Zion through the Virgin River.

Seek and discover who you are.  When you think you have found , YOU, keep disovering.


At or around 21 I recognized an inner insecurity or weakness that caused me to wonder if i was more gay than heterosexual. I didn't have any interest in any sport that had a ball associated with it.

I also had a trait of chasing a small dream and soon after it was boring so I tucked it away.


Enter, sky dive.  Crazy but I ended up 200 dives before I wanted to know what it was like to Land a plane rather than jump out of it.


Before i went to the next adventure I performed a couple base jumps off the Great Gorge bridge in West Virginia.


Jumping off the bridge and landing aside the river I saw some Rafters paddling down stream. I decided to challenge myself anew. I always put my self in the head of the raft and bet the guide he could not dump me over the side with his antics. I always won that challenge.


Then after exhausting those two sports I squired a single engine land, high performance commercial license. That means you can fly in the clouds for hire.


Stay tuned. more to follow...

August 13, 2021

United Way "over the edge"

23 story repel


January 12 2020.  Second attempt to summit Mt Orizaba in Mexico. Happy to say i made 17,000 of 18,491.

First attempt made it to 15k.  If i can do this at nearly 71 years of age, you can do anything if you want it bad enough.

I will try for the third time after more training. Problem is too little oxygen for me.

2013: bungee off the Great Zambezi bridge in Zambia at the height of 420 ft

Jan 10 2013, made it to Devils Pool at the top of victoria falls