Hiking Camel Back mountain in Arizona

Hiking the narrows in the Zion through the Virgin River.

Stay tuned. More freedom of discovery to come


At or around 21 I recognized an inner insecurity or weakness that caused me to wonder if i was more gay than heterosexual. I didn't have any interest in any sport that had a ball associated with it.

I also had a trait of chasing a small dream and soon after it was boring so I tucked it away.


Enter, sky dive.  Crazy but I ended up 200 dives before I wanted to know what it was like to Land a plane rather than jump out of it.


Before i went to the next adventure I performed a couple base jumps off the Great Gorge bridge in West Virginia.


Jumping off the bridge and landing aside the river I saw some Rafters paddling down stream. I decided to challenge myself anew. I always put my self in the head of the raft and bet the guide he could not dump me over the side with his antics. I always won that challenge.


Then after exhausting those two sports I squired a single engine land, high performance commercial license. That means you can fly in the clouds for hire.


Stay tuned. more to follow...