Pretence of Xmas and more of man’s flaws

The pretense of Xmas and more of man’s flaws

First, let’s do a little and simple definition and explanation and disclosure. Much of what I say was picked up in tidbits plus my personal beliefs as a result of the data. If my details waiver from your beliefs, you are welcome to email me your thoughts and data sources. I’m not looking to be right rather only searching for truth. Though truth is a moving target, time and research usually alters the continuum.

I feel the whole God and Jesus story as depicted, written or explained by man is a sham to make some magic effort to control human flaws built into man’s collective unconscious. From there man’s domestication has further altered our beliefs. example: we are raised to believe in the myth of Santa and the Easter bunny. At some point viola, the truth prevails. When? it depends on how long you are sheltered.

I’ m guessing God never flooded the earth. Just like all his vengeance and blackmail tactics depicted in the old testament, this story nothing more than man’s fabrication to scare humanity into behaving. If he is the all forgiving god and granted man his freedom, then he would be hands off. I feel man did such a poor job of getting started that he, man, attributed some huge tsunami to be God’s attempt to start over. Why would God make it so tough on himself. If he created all universes, then ours in seven days, would he not just wave his magic wand and begin again? Rather, we say, in essence, he saved one of each specie while killing all others of which would otherwise be innocent. Is that the God you believe in? It is us humans who made up all these stories and then when we ask why did God do this we find some stupid excuse like, “God has a greater purpose for all that happens”. Other times we give God credit for all good things that happen and justify our personal insecurity and shortfalls to “God will make it happen in his plan”. It just doesn’t make sense. The sham of all this is humans are so flawed with misconception, greed and insecurity that we need some foolish cult like religion to keep the weak from veering astray. It seems to work. We will have to deal with it until humanity figures out that the love of one’s self and real intention of Christmas is felt and practiced 365 days each and every year. At this point it is no more than some retail ploy.

Only a small percentage of humans really understand how good life can be when we shed greed, strengthen self-love and live in humility. I didn’t see it until I was 41 years of age.

The X in Christmas is real and not a simple abbreviation:

Xmas (also X-mas) is a common abbreviation of the word Christmas. … The “X” comes from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of the Greek word Christós (Χριστός), which became Christ in English. The suffix -mas is from the Latin-derived Old English word for Mass.

December 25th: There is little to no evidence Jesus was born on December 25th. That is another sham. As a matter of fact it is fact he was not. Just another make it easy for man to manipulate man. Search it up if you want to know.

So what happens the day after Halloween? Opportunists storm to display their wares. Retailers goes nuts by claiming 40% off. They dress a man in red to attract attention and manipulate children to pray on adult weakness. Then the parental insecurity sets in. Parents fight their ego which usually wins over reality. So do all the retailers and the financial vehicles we use to bring temporary smiles to our faces. We go in debt that brings us such frustration and restriction. All we all have to do is take a couple generations to show love year round. Yep,, emotional love and kill the material expectation.

And then we entered the age of technology. We are shooting the very vehicle we used to manipulate humans right in the foot. I mean big box is failing because of our rushing behavior to order on-line. So funny and shameful to watch us destroy ourselves. Its “CYBER BLACK FRIDAY”. They don’t need a man in a red suit and fantasy slay to achieve the goal.

On both retail and electronic fronts the prices are all padded to be able to slash the price. So we end up depriving ourselves until the price gets dropped. Samsung and Apple can’t bring out upgraded models fast enough. Do you really feel someone all of a sudden gets a better idea and creates an upgrade? Ha!!! I bet the next three or four phone generations are created years before they are released.

What the heck is wrong with humans. They all trip over their own flaws of susceptibility.

if you are going to believe in God then realize he created this earth and gave you freedom to enjoy life as a human. That means keep yourself happy but don’t do it at the cost of others. Let them live their life and enjoy yours. Don’t spend your entire earthly life depriving yourself in some preparation for the next world that you were convinced will happen. NO PROOF. All hearsay. If heaven after is there you will get there as long as you love yourself and treat others as you wish to be treated.

Learn to love humanity. That doesn’t mean don’t be cautious. Humans suffer or gain from the Genetic archetypes of the collective unconscious. Then to make it worse we, parents responsible for developing the human kind, domesticate children to live their life to believe in myths like Santa Clause and the Easter bunny.. later in life we accept it to be a lie. We worn the world the bees, spiders, mice and snakes will get us. They will not. And we’ve built this belief system on God. There are plenty of records that tell the story different. Yet each believes and defends their story to be the real story. Some even state categorically, if you don’t believe theirs your off to hell. No exceptions.

The biggest sham set by humans is to deprive yourself of human greatness in an effort to prepare yourself for a “happily ever after” in the afterlife. Did the three pigs, Rupunzel, Goldie locks and all of them live happily ever after?

I say if God is as powerful and all knowing as many say, he would want you to enjoy life more that you do.

Just love yourself and others and don’t cheat yourself or others. If its there, you will get there. If not, you get to become a worm or tree. That is if your remains don’t get locked up in a cement box.

November 15, 2019

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