The attendant where i get gas was sad. The man in front of me said she should try smiling or stay home because of her mood. She responded: "I'm sorry, my mother died this morning and I need  to be at work because tin need the income to support my children"





If we would only learn how to free ourselves from ourselves we may be able to let the love for others in.


Have sympathy for  those who don't know how to express a love emotion or a loving sympathy. They don't say hello or good morning;  they just begin talking. They don't say thank you, they say thanks.  They don't say I love you, they say 'Love you. Their esteem is stuck in materialism rather than simplicity.

We must have sympathy for those who are trapped in this world.  If they really felt and experienced love they would evolve themselves.  Ive been both and am happy to "I love you".  'they must go home with who they are acting.