Trade Force for Power

Trade Force for Power

Hello and good morning,

Say the words, Force – Power. Repeat them 5 times slowly.  Which of the two is more intense.  Does one create more esteem than the other.

A professional boxer’s punch has force.  As he walks down the street his self confidence conveys power

Any time during the year is a good time to make adjustments to our character and goals.  We don’t have to wait for the lines or markers in the sand like New Years or perils to make change.  Though it seems like special dates or events cause change. If your inner conscious says “Some day, or I wish, or wait til’ drama drama” then why not now.  I’m going to quit smoking after this pack. I’m going on a diet after the holidays. Who is kidding who. You are going to want another smoke if you really don’t want to quit at the ½ pack mark.  Other holidays will arise after this one.  Its that conscious effort you must find inside. It happens when you are ready to contemplate.  The emotion of Force seems to be more demanding and challenging who you are not. Where Power is more of a state we are already in.

Fore example, Force was spending time proving something was wrong.  Power creates more of a relaxed mode and understanding that the goal is to reach the higher level.  If it means companionship in the decision, then so be it.  Just because I am in charge does not mean I always have to be right.  It does mean I am the one who along with collaboration of others, is responsible for implementation and management. If I have this profound understanding, the entire process will not come from forcing the resolve but rather from a sense of power that all knows it is the right thing.

The stories in the bible are man’s way of forcing God on you or else.  God already knows he has the power and doesn’t have to prove anything.  We are the ones who have to learn.  But we can’t get it. The old testament is no different than the brutality we are experiencing in all the world conflicts in modern times. God has not changed.  But neither have we.  it seems when the story didn’t work for man he invented Jesus as a method to get man to contemplate his crazy behavior.  But again, That didn’t work either.

Man says God flooded the earth because he God thought he made a mistake. God knew he was creating man and all of his shortcomings came with him.  Just  like cats and dogs would end up as emotional support for humans.

I personally don’t believe the all forgiving God continued to threaten man by driving him across barren land promising bounty if only man would pay attention to some simple principles. Too many lives were lost to prove a point. None of that worked so the almost ultimate story of Jesus was created to get man to pay attention to embracing love and move away from our selfish desire for power. Up to the point and after his death, that system has failed.

If man would only sit back and contemplate his own behavior he would learn that having power of self is much better than using force.

Most important for me is to quit trying to disprove who wrote it and the purpose. Man continues to threaten humanity and it is not working.

Man continues to do a terrible job in the system he created to have man enjoy life, settle in peace and love each other.  He clearly preys on the hopeless to send seed money.

The many religious systems used to give man hope are almost all we have to work with. So I should let it be.

Man is man and will continue to fight for rights through force. That’s the behavior we live with.

The broken method man exerts to help the homeless is unfortunate.

The force man exerts to gain political power at the border is only hurting humanity.

We, man, just don’t seem to have it figured out.  Plus we may not for hundreds of years to come.

What I must do is live in the light of the principles that feels good from deep in my heart. That feeling seems to parallel the principles of religious books.

I must let that system be. It is all we have for now. For me, it’s a matter of living toward the principles as though the entire universe was one.  If I slam on your toe I am slaming on an extension of me.

Live in Love, emotional peace, through releasing myself and forgiving others. Why?, because it feels good to feel good.

I am committed to releasing myself from those selfish emotions rather than fighting to prove something.

Peace to all of us.




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