We’ve all had a secret. Some of us have told our secret in confidence. One question is why do some of us keep the secret while others share. I believe it all goes to self esteem. We have a devalued opinion of our self. Thus, we find some sort of elevation by telling sharing the secret. We do not have the self control to keep the secret to our self. With the share we tell the grantee to swear not to tell a sole. When or if they snitch, we get angry that they breached your trust. Yet we can’t hold our self accountable for the very standard we expect from them.
Then there are those secrets we learn of others. There are those of us that have such low self worth that we spread the secret like it was the release of a plague and we must tell all.
As for the secret itself; it remains a secret until you tell someone. Then for you it is no longer a secret. You can’t go back. But the label now becomes a secret for the person we told. It remains a secret for them as long as they hold it. Once they tell another, It is not longer a secret they can claim.
Secrets come with an incredible amount of integrity. If we keep them, we are special. If we tell on them, we lose our own credibility.
Secrets should be believed to be fact unless they are not verified. In which case it must be labeled as a rumor. Rumors may be fact but they are often unverified.
Remember, if you have a secret, respect it. It is much more valuable than when it loses it’s label.
For sure don’t share it but if you must, be sure to not share it until first searching all the facts.

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