The serenity prayer and personal freedom


Throughout my writings it would be easy draw a conclusion that I am a staunch atheist.  Not true.  I’m more of an agnostic, disappointed in man’s unruly interpretations of the concept.  From all my studies, I don’t revolve around after life or a creature that designed it to be so screwed up.  Therefore, I’m sticking to quantum physics for now.

If there is a God, I feel he is described through human flawed creation. That’s why there’s over 4,000 religions out there.

My main focus is on personal growth, discovery of my unknown potential and a strong drive for personal freedom.

At this point I waisted enough of my life burning the most valuable commodity, time, judging people and hearing “no”, “Can’t”, or not worthy.  I work at dissolving judgment against man.  If they truly knew better, they would feel the joy of discovery and personal abilities.  If you are waiting for God to lead you then I don’t think you are leading a life he would want.

Focused on a goal to achieve personal freedom and happiness, includes detachment from the main reliance on external beliefs or influences.  This takes education.  Repeat, it takes education and understanding about the human machine. I didn’t invent my believes, I learned them. You will find what I teach between hundreds of book covers.

I don’t rely on outside negative forces to determine who I am or how I feel about myself.

Man has been plagued with disorder since the beginning of time.  In an effort to limit and protect the moral herd from perils and devastation, he was forced to create a strong and some unreasonable boundaries and beliefs.  I’m referring to “if you don’t believe in God” you are going straight to hell.  Or,,, wait for God to show you the way.  Or,,, God has a plan.  An entity so great would not place those tall orders on us.  Further, man made such a jumbled mess out of the bible that he had to create a New Testament.  To this day we live in fear and horror.  The New Testament created more fear and hold back on us.

As flawed as the system is, it puts fear in the weak.  The problem is, it doesn’t work on the wicked. They are still wicked.

Recovery programs suggest living life on life’s terms.  They don’t seem to encourage negotiation.  By the way, you can negotiate life’s terms if you learn how (more education).  We are threatened not to go to this magic place after death if we don’t adhere to man’s laws of God.  We go on to limit the potential of our greatest commodity, life, and burn our greatest asset, time, by teaching to wait for an external sign for our life.  I call it the God Bus full of signs.  If there is a God, who created all you can see including us, why wouldn’t he want you to achieve your highest human potential in keeping within the moral boundaries of not hurting others by intension.  God would rather that than for you to hang on his coat tails and never cross the street without holding his hand.  Why would he create such a flawed homosapien? And then get so pissed off at us that he would flood the earth and kill all but one of a kind.  Man covered his own bases by coming up with a quote from God that he would not flood the earth again.  That’s not the truth about an all-forgiving God.  He must be on valium now.

If he did create us to be the way we are, shame on him.  Then those believers let him off the hook and say, God had a reason for taking our young or giving me cancer.

Thus, with all man’s flaws, I believe man himself created all the hoopla to keep man inside a livable boundary.  It’s a system for the weak.  Unfortunately, it binds the strong as well.  Plus, it doesn’t stop the wicked.  As time goes on, man continues to bastardize the intention of moral behavior by telling us we will go to hell “IF” we don’t obey.

Reinhold Niebuhr, a late 40’s theologian is given credit for the serenity prayer.  Mainly because he pushed it in publications during the wars to help soldiers cope.  The truth is, a version of the verbiage was used years prior.

On the left below is the full prayer before man shortened it for his own convenience. Working off the short version most of us are familiar with, I’m suggesting a bit of a revision if we truly expect to achieve personal freedom.



Is this what God would want?

Or is this what God would want of us?


Personal mantra to assist in personal freedom


Driven within a moral boundary, a standard set not to encroach on others with intentional harm.


Through meditation, education, sense of freewill, honesty and personal freedom without regard to those others who judge me harshly,


I Grant myself, without harsh judgment, the courage to challenge, discover and reach success in all my passions regardless of who tries to blockade me.


I further grant myself this same courage, the sole right to alter my course without self-ridicule or definition by others.


I further accept with serenity what I cannot change after a sincere effort.