• why don't they do it the way I ask?
  • Why are they not leading their subordinates as I wish?
  • I work 80 hours per week, why not them?


If you are anywhere in one of the two photos, I am here to let you know it does not have to be this way. You are able to achieve all your wishes and dreams from a state of total happiness.


The only thing you have to do is REALLY be willing.  You have to be ready to open your self and drop your mask.

With the right tools you will not have to ask your staff to execute.  They will hum like  gears in a Swiss watch.  The gears don't talk to each other.  They just fit.


The truth is, entrepreneurs are always making adjustments. We are forever trying to define our success , goals, objectives and dreams. Using the proper strategies will create the sense of team you are striving for. It  takes the support of many to reach synchronicity.  Maximum fulfillment and success by its many definitions.  They are not called football teams and baseball teams for no reason.


You may dismiss the biblical sense of this quot it took Jesus 12 guys to run the biggest company in the world. And yet it still stumbles because most of the leaders are not using some simple strategies that make rivers flow.


There must be a mutual understanding by all. If there is lacking in that understanding, then it is very difficult to maximize the output. The big gears need to understand the little gear's strengths and weaknesses. We require a profound understanding and effort if we are to maximize our output.



With exception of 7 people on earth who have reached total enlightenment, humans require validation for fulfillment. Simply put, we desire “Feel good”. Feel good often breeds desire and self motivation. Many of us are reluctant to change. Change means concession.  Concession means failure. Failure means “Feel Bad”. No one likes “feel bad”. Feel good often elevates us into stronger performance. We need to have a profound understanding how to reflect our goals in a feel good state.


 A Vice President is likely to be condescending and seek power through spreading feel bad among  his subordinates. this is in effort to offset the lost integrity by his abuser. This is not unusual or unrealistic. Its human. Having a strong understanding of this inner feeling will help bring about Feel Good.



Another fundamental emotion that strongly impacts humans is fear. Fear breads uncertainty, tension and more failure. We must substitute Fear with anticipation and adventure. For fear to dissipate it must be replaced with an emotion drawing something much stronger.


Fear is a totally unproductive path for accomplishment. We begin not to trust ourselves and cannot act from our natural desire. Our drive becomes diminished. We grow to be very unhappy. This is NOT, what our conscious mind lives for. Therefore, leadership from a fear base is counterproductive. Employees may stay with you out of fear of the unknown.  They will not perform to their maximum.


Take a moment to contemplate a time when you felt fear and how it impacted your productive emotion. Take the same time to contemplate a time you felt good out of a successful action on your part.


These are key emotions leaders must understand about themselves and their employees. When interviewing someone it should not be  to resolve pain.  it should be to rise to greater success.

You will never make them a happy gear that fits if they were not set to be that gear. Don't fool yourself.


Many people try to change into someone they are not with the sole intent of self validation and fear masking. Unabashed, its  pretentious behavior. Thus the word to PRETEND.  Masking can be tricky.  it is okay when we are aware and it is required. Obvious examples of masking is a dress code requirement at work.


An example of pretentious masking is, I am artistic. I became a real estate broker because it was my way of validation. I wore a mask of pretense in order to achieve self-validation for power. For 15 years I wore this mask for self-validation. I performed well but not nearly as well as if I assumed a profession that was geared to my gift. My conscious sole was unhappy.  However, I continuously deceived my conscious self. Many others like myself seek instant validation. We begin to chase the dream of feel good through addictions. It could be alcohol, medication, sugar, eating or an array of other over indulgence.  Even over indulgence in working out can become an addiction.  These all become masks for what we seek. Serenity is a very healthy path for feel good. If you think about it, when you really feel good, you have removed all the stress from your conscious mind. For that moment you are free of your self.  Your creative mind kicks in. Your results are so much more successful.  If only you could lead your life from a place of your natural gift and a place of serenity.  Just say the word FUN three times out loud.


We must be willing to learn something we don't understand.  To be self-aware is to really understand.


We must be willing to look at ourselves.  The greatest Pop singer, Michael Jackson sold millions singing "Man in the Mirror"  if your method is not working, don't be so reluctant to change.


If our bull’s eye is to feel good or love, if our objective is to have our company be successful, we must have a profound understanding of ourselves and those we hire.


Remember, no one likes to be wrong.   We often come to impulsive conclusions without thorough investigation.  We do this because we want to be right and we want it quick. This is what addictions do for us. They are an escape to a clear mind. The problem is the unclear mind under the influence of escape is sure to return to the Feel Bad and fear.


Creating success and good team can be relatively easy. However, to do this we must be aware of ourselves and accepting that it may require altering the manner of how we communicate expectations to our team players.   We must understand the different personalities it takes and what drives them.  Ask yourself, what it will take to create their feel good in order to achieve the master plan.


It is said that an addict has to reach bottom before they finally succumb to their self awareness.  Don’t wait for your bottom.  Your company or life or your customer may self-destruct before then.


Once you have outlined your objective and goals, “The bull’s eye”, you must learn to identify each position and what traits are necessary to fulfill that position.


This otherwise silly experiment depicts what is necessary.  Play along but take it serious.

  1. Fill a small clear glass with water. (this represents your team players.)
  2. Add 5 medium drops of olive oil (this represents you)
  3. Stir vigorously for 30 seconds. Then wait 5 minutes. (The oil is still separate . This outcome represents the need for middle management)
  4. Then add 5 drops of cheap dish soap. Stir and wait two hours. (This is less qualified middle management)
  5. Add 5 medium drops of dawn. (This represents qualified middle management)
  6. Stir and return for results later and then tomorrow.  (This represents your efforts and outcome with properly trained and qualified middle management.


RESPONSE January 13, 2018

Here is a response offered by a person in HR:

Employee engagement and team building is such an important topic and there’s so much to be said here. Having the title of Manager, Director, etc doesn’t automatically make you a great leader and so many supervisors/managers have no idea how to lead. They’re thrown into the role with no training and then expected to produce great results. Poor leadership equals poor engagement. And we always say employees never quit a job, they quit their supervisor. Okay you’re triggering the HR in me, but seriously—engagement and team building go hand in hand with productivity and retention.