The Human Condition


As defined by Webster: The human condition is all of the characteristics and key events that compose the essentials of human existence, including  DNA/ Genetics, birth, growth, emotion, aspiration, conflict, and mortality.[1] This is a very broad topic which has been and continues to be pondered and analyzed from many perspectives, including those of religion, philosophy, history, art, literature, anthropology, psychology, and biology.


Phases of the Human Condition


Experiences dictate our developmental judgment. How to feel good all by ourselves is depended on our willingness to work on self-understanding and change.

Understanding the fullness of each level is imperative to releasing resentment, understanding cause, forgiveness, peace and discovery.


  • Genetic (Geno)
  • Gestation
  • Prepubescent: 0-10ish
  • Familia influences-
  • Environmental influences
  • Adolescent: 11-21
  • Self-imposed
  • peers
  • Adulthood 21 – death.



More understandably, the fundamental of the human condition is the a sum of our past generations and the manifestation of us by all sources after conception.  It is who we are, or is it more who we act to be.


Within all the joys of humanism there are many psychological flaws.  Flaws designed by inheritance and further programming by all our surroundings.  With the desire to quick fix ill feelings, we use tools like judgment, anger, resentment, and greed.  These are all similar to the quick fix of drugs and alcohol.  They serve no real long-term cure to our plagued behavior.


Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung specialized in theories of being born with an inheritance and innate condition that determine who you are to become.  Having someone else to blame makes it easier to live with yourself.  Humans are wired to instinctively desire feel good. We do this in the quickest way possible. We instinctively use external devices and emotions until we take responsibility. We are either programmed, influenced, through a plethora of perils.  We burn valuable time using devices of all kinds except what is meaningful.  Saying its not my fault is some sort of quick fix for our human instinct to feel good.


On the other hand, Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers refer to the humanistic behavior that through a level of living and a desire to change, we can change but it is a long strive to transcend to self-actualization.   Few make it to the full actualization.


It is good to understand who we were when we were born. It helps us to be confident that you must work with during your transformation.  other than understanding the why, we will work on the how to change.


Previous generations


This is Carl Jung’s theory and its true if you get into studying DNA and human Geno.


The beginning perpetrator of who we are is a collection of ancestors generations as far back as centuries.  Carl Jung refers to these evolutionary traits as the collective unconscious.  Specific traits are passed along through the generations.  Yep!, Thank or blame our ancestors.  Just don’t try to sell that one to the judicial system.  The judge won’t believe its on your great grandparents.






During conception, the egg and sperm form the fetus.  We call those tiny particles, our DNA/Geno.  In them are the basic traits and crap (preprogramming) you will or may bring into your world.


Then, during gestation, in the bed-womb of your mom, we are cooked up to some change. During the baking period, before we enter this lovely world, enormous transformation and alteration can take place.  We should not underestimate how your basic DNA/ Geno can be impacted during the gestation period.  This is another angle to hold responsible.  Just don’t forget why you are reading this.  Its about how to let all that junk go.




Once we are born to the world, our life is like a virgin planet being barraged by a plethora of meteors.


At birth, our brain is similar to a computer not yet programmed.  This is when our data base is fed all the information that contributes to our unique  DNA/Geno.  All that feeds us is called our influencers.




There are three stages of adolescents.  During those periods, the Influencers of our early life are guardians, siblings, peers, world events, climate and environment.




Upward and onward to our life of influencers.  Life becomes nearly a lifetime of judgement by our peers and authoritarians.  At stages, childhood, puberty, 16, 18 and 21, someone said we “should know better” and thus held responsible. It’s systematic mapping for tragedy.   This is how we herd humans.  There is something amiss because all humans are not created equal as judged.  If we really knew the rewards of living in the light of love, why in the world would we live in the dark.  Why in the world would a homeless person choose the bitter cold over shelter?






Is it possible you are not aware of the tremendous up tick of possibilities?  You may be comparing who you are to who you’ve been.  Maybe you don’t know there are tremendous new possibilities.  In other words, you don’t know what you don’t know.




Our instinctive makeup and what breaks the cycle


As a human, we are wired with two basic instincts.  The desire to feel pleasure and to avoid fear.  All other emotions and reactions are collateral.  Most of our behavior is predicated on those to instincts.  Take a moment to recall events in your life.  You may not be able to relate yet, they will all trace back to either one or both of those instinctive emotions.  Feeding the needy is because you end up feeling good.  If they through the hot food back in your face each time you served them, you might just not do it again.  Why???, because you no longer feel good doing it.


 We often resort to fast-track behavior to either achieve the feel good or protect our right to avoid fear.  Our fast-track attempts become so impulsive; our neuro system develops auto reactionary patterns we are often unaware of.


They’re called fast track of obsessions. You will be exposed to a list of emotions and two very special emotions that basically drive us to the limitation of who we have become.  That limitation is our breaking point.  the point of unknown.  Unknown is absolute fear.  it’s all very much like an overload on a circuit breaker.  It pops and we reach what we know as our ultimate.  The lights to our understanding go dim.  What you may not know is your ultimate limitation is only what you believe and not what you are capable of.  There is an inborn governor on your throttle.  You just don’t know it.


Depending on the extreme of that bottom, all then that remains is our open mind to discover who we were prior to our influencers.  Then we begin to discover where it all began.  If you are a movie buff, a prime depiction is the 1990 movie, “Awakenings”.  Stars are Robert Denero and Robin Williams.  It’s a great depiction of us coming to a point of a new awareness.  This is the beginning of understanding “Knowing better”.  Unfortunately, few ever dig and drive into the why we are who we’ve become until our life crashes.  Some exhaust their life not understanding their purpose as a human.  The reason we don’t is we don’t think beyond our preconceived limitation.  We invest too much time in living to work rather than working to live.


As humans wired to feel good, we get misdirected by temporary resolve.  We revert to our conditioned behavior.  Why?  Its familiar.  It's better than the fear of darkness.


We may once again cover ourselves with a blanket of pretentious band width in a senseless effort to recover from our peril of fear.  We often get lost in our developmental stages.  Thus, dying unhappily ever after.


Why do you believe we get so caught up in superhero thrillers?  it's who you are beyond your limitations.  You want to be there but leave it on the screen.




I call it fog because our human conditioning blocks our vision.


One of my experiences of bottom was an ego-diminishing event I attended in Mexico.  A coed group were transported to a deeply wooded area.  For three days we were interrogated without sleep.  Much like one of those gangsters you see under the bright white light.  Finally, we break from our own lies to our truth.  That is where awareness begins, and potentiality goes from fog toward clarity.


What’s next.


We will tap into all the emotions and methods that brought you to the reading of this book.  I will show you what I did to catapult me into a life I never knew existed.  We may never realize our fullest potential by observing others.  Steve Harvey said it in his book “Jump”.  It often hurts but the rewards are unfathomable. You will only feel the energy of it by personal experience.  Movie producers make millions reproducing who you’d like to be.  Why wait for devastation in our life to begin discovery.  Because our nature is to feel good rapidly with as little effort as possible.  You will have the choice of getting high merely by thinking it.  Let me show you how to take the superhero home with you after the movie ends.


Doctors remove fat in a laser procedure because we don’t discipline ourselves to invest the effort to exercise.  I promise, the mental reward for the hard way is much more fulfilling than making it as easy as 1,2 ,3.  If you are a poser, trying to be someone you are not, all you will achieve is pretentious living.  You will have cheated yourself of the wealth of all a human can be.  If wealth is what you want, you might consider manifesting the gift you were born with, rather than listening to someone tell you who you should be.  You will find happiness by developing who you are.  The false programming began generations before you were born.  Then, all that impacted you during gestation.  It's hard to know who you are because as soon as you came out of the whom you were smacked on the bottom.  Then sitting at the table being told who you should become. Then years to follow your peers saying you sucked.  Then you are drawing conclusions of your own from all those influences.  To free yourself you must understand your unmasked personality and grow that human.  I had several careers driven by ultra-ego.  Some ego is necessary to fuel dreams.  When I let go of the ultra-ego, I tapped my gift and the money followed.  Money is only currency to buy stuff.  Time is the currency to life.  Don’t be a back-seat driver of your life.  Grab the controls.  I’ll show you how.  YOU WILL HAVE TO FLY THE PLANE.


If you are struggling a lot or just a bit, come along with me.  I would like to share who I was, who I am now and who I plan to continue to be.




We are not only able to reprogram ourselves but have a responsibility to positively impact the generations to follow.  We don’t know what we don’t know until we reach into the space we never knew existed.


Read on if it’s time to let go of the self-deprivation you are subjecting yourself to.


Once you understand, it is the time to take responsibility and be responsible for what’s next.  Learn how to throw out the resentments.  They are all nonproductive.  Erase the word blame and fault.


The long-term rewards last and you get better return on your investment.


Short term addictions like alcohol, amphetamines, Oreos and surgery are short cuts but never lasting. Your brain learns how to manage the short cuts then always wants more.  This is how out of hand addictions get rolling.


Mindset change is forever.  Your brain will learn and develop new pathways.  Each of us face a different challenge based on how we have been influenced.  the good news is change is possible if we are ready.


Our past influencers will determine how we will manage our new coding.  Early on in our life we rely on outside influences to manage our coding.  Then we reach or combine our internal instincts with outside influences to perceivably manage the feel good more suitable. The problem comes when we limit the search to the data, we have, rather than entering the sphere of fear and hard work.  That is EDUCATION.  You can do this.  You made it this far.  I honor you for sticking with it.


At some point in our life, we become aware and accept the possibility of other management systems.  Then we must begin the grueling education process.


We must understand the concept of neuro plasticity.  The recreation of our neurons through influencers we never thought existed.  Each time you learn something new your brain creates a new pathway.  This is what helps put off dementia.


 I victimized myself until I made the conscious decision to redirect my trajectory and educate myself.  There is no end as we are ever evolving humans.


What I ask you to do is this.  Like I did, open yourself to education, whether this book or another.  Just don’t stop learning about your human condition and how to change its influences.


Remember this one phrase and repeat it daily.  “I am most responsible for my destiny.”


A human flaw is for our discouragement to excel until we decide to put in the effort to learn and change.  Humanity has developed systems to comfort that flaw rather than encourage elevated esteem.  Consider changing the years of a system that excuses us from tapping our most heightened possibilities.


If we are one who suffers from acceptance of mediocrity in ourselves, we are cheating the instinctive trait of becoming better than you are today.  I beg you to dream, reeducate, and plan a logical path that will release you from the devastating influences that caused you to limit yourself.


I believe the best nutrition is from education.  Education is not limited to the College thing.  It comes in many ways.  Observation, put resentment and anger to sleep in trade for understanding.  Through introspection, research in places we weren’t aware existed.  This will promote neuron-plasticity.  From there, as the cliché goes, the sky is the limit.  The purpose of this book is to influence you to become aware and begin your new trajectory of possibility.

I must leave you with a grim possibility.  As you move from the binding tie of your then peers.  You are likely to be judged by them.  They are bound by the similar conditioning you were.  The good news is you will begin to attract a new energy.  While you question the new truth ask this question; would any universe or ultimate creator you were taught to believe in want anything less or respond to anything less than you live your life in complete freedom and happiness.  I believe not a power in either case could respond to the negativity you were influenced by.  If you believe in God, believe this. If that entity created this entire universe in all its beauty, including you, he created you with all the gifts and tools you need to be all you can be.  He is not a sign man so don’t wait for a sign.  He gave them to you when you were born.





Why learn the human condition