The I in I AM

The “I” in I AM.

Some of us speak in the first person as in “I”.

Others speak in the inclusive as in “We”

And yet others speak in the third person as in ““Them”.

There seems to be a subtle misinterpretation by many over the person who says “I”.

I was just reading a short script on recognizing that we and God are one. That was also depicted by Jesus as a human body created around the God.

If you believe we were created in his likeness, we are the same as Jesus.  So that means we are God like and have a right to treat ourselves as God wants us to treat others.  Its kind of like a reverse on the second commandment.

Yet some people hear others say “I”, and seem to take power in judging us selfish.

When in fact we deserve to treat ourselves the way we would like others to treat us. We are the human body surrounding God. We are no different than others who inspire to believe in the principles of Jesus.

I made a conscious decision to treat my self good.  It is not at the cost of treating others badly.  I’m not stuck in the Mother Tereasa, syndrome of doing for others and the heck with me.  She sacrificed her life preparing for what is believed to be the next world and mistreated herself as God would have wanted.

I don’t believe God wants us to enjoy the human experience while we are here.  I am also beginning to believe that our spirit is not meant to leave the earth.  Imagine being a friendly cat. Or one of the beautiful flowers and we embrace each spring.  Or even a mighty pine that lives close to the three line.  Or a mighty redwood that will be around for hundreds and hundreds of years.  Or even a bird that spends their entire life singing every communication they have to say.

“I” decided to treat myself as I want others to treat me and I invite you to do the same.  Self-discovery is amazing.

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