Who is to blame for unprofessional phone dialect


I often ask myself why upper management or owners do not train their employees.


Agent responses I have received.


• AGENT: Any vulgarity unless it becomes commonality and only if initiated by the person you service.

• Agent: Unkay or Mbye or Bye-Bye

• AGENT: Hon’.  This is commonly used by females influenced by rural domestication.  Get with it ladies.  You are being sexist in a me too movement.

• AGENT: during a frustrating situation initiated by poor service, the agent may blurt out, “No problem”.  Really?,  Be aware of what you are saying even though you really mean, “I will do my best to satisfy your concern ”.


Customer responses I have thought about conveying:


• Don’t use a voice intonation that will only create worse hostility.

• Never use vulgarity

• You are an idiot!

• Can I talk to someone who knows what they are talking about? Try: may I speak to someone who may be more qualified to resolve my concern?


Please email me with any responses you feel should be expressed different.