The adventure of recruitment

and our continued responsibility




I have true empathy for all of us entrepreneurs out there who face the challenge of recruitment. We are often struck by budget and inter-mental standards. Rather than qualifying the candidate we impose this dream in our mind on them. One problem is we may not realize what we are doing to ourself.  We set ourself up for failure by forgetting the candidate is not a mind reader.


Who we believe qualifies for he position is often driven by  desperation. Of course our ego will not allow us to believe it.  What it really takes to motivate someone into desire and drive to perform is often a language other than we speak. Why?  Because we came up under one belief system and the new generations came up under another.  We are the ones who have to be willing to alter our style of communication.  It doesn't mean we have to lower our standards.  It only means we have to be willing to learn a new way of achieving the same goal with different words and follow up the development process.


  • One silly metaphor is the all so righteous society we live in advocate and demonstrate against bullying and harassment either in our children or our employees.  Yet we the righteous have no standard for advocating against every late night comedian investing over half their monologue in bullying. Night after night its the same thing.  And they don't get a laugh until they strike into the victim's heart. And we,,, The righteous have tricked ourself into defining it as humor.  These are the adults who are raising our next generation to shoot up schools.

  • Those same advocates stand up for opening up our boarders yet they are unwilling to really do what it takes to resolve our homeless problems. Just take two weeks and stay in one of the US homes at the boarder to see what is going on.  And our righteous country that calls us ourselves the land of the free end up placing the migrants in camps because we are not equipped to help them.

  • There is a sure fire cure for the drug problem. We proved we know how to cure it by our example in Syria.  We don't really have the courage to be the world leaders and solve it at its core. All we are doing with the drug problem is placing band-aids on the symptoms.


If you don't agree with the tragedy in these previous examples then I wish you well in your company. If you are losing middle management every five years than it is YOU the CEO and owner that is failing.

If you are willing to look in the mirror and make the change then you have a chance at happy retirement while knowing your company is run well.  If not, put someone in your place that understands.


We often internally expect the recruit to have the intuitiveness we have.  When we land a candidate we feel they could be the one. They say something that strikes your gut.  Too often it strikes your ego.  Our ego embraces them  by a couple of their phrases that dropped out of their mouth.  We feel they could be the one just because they have two ounces of energy and express the willingness to do what it takes to get the job done.


We enter into our mind of illusion seldom realizing the candidate may be driven by more desperation then qualification.  Maybe it is us that is desperate.  Maybe we settle because we really don't want to be doing this interviewing more than the interviewee  likes being interrogated.


We are often so busy or high strung that we our not willing to invest what it takes to develop our new recruit.

We create some mental expectation and if it is not met in our time frame we pass responsibility to our recruit.  After all, it can't be our shortfall. It is never us that needs developing.


I'll close with this.  As low as unemployment is, we are reaching down to a level of human than requires more of us.  Are we bringing in specialists to welcome and teach this low income employee new habits in their new world?  Or are we having these mental expectations of our managers that they instinctively and profoundly understand they are working with a new kind of human.






1. Knowing you get what you pay for.

2. qualifications

3. Seeing beyond your mind