Imagine for 10 years you drive the same route to work. You get into the routine and never change it. Life is good and all is well. Then one day there is a five car pile up that blocks your typical path to work. You are forced to take another way. Suddenly you discover a new highway that gets you to work in half the time. You get to work and feel so proud that you brag to all your fellow workers about this way to work in half the time.

Your fellow workers smile and say, John, that highway has been there for years. You think, but I didn’t know. They redeem you of the mishap for not knowing and you have now discovered a better path.

The key here is you did not know what you did not know. More so, had you sought out to discover more of what you did not know you may have known long ago. You would have been able to relax at morning coffee 15 minutes more. You may have gotten to a pleasurable destination 15 minutes earlier. Multiply that by 5 days each week for as many years the path was there.

One thing for sure, you cannot buy back time. This discovery comes into our lives in a multitude of ways if we would only seek it rather than waiting for it to happen.

Inner talents and gifts we retain but are buried within. Outgrowing our surroundings but accepting our life as it is rather than taking the courteous leap to our current life for a happier life.

Don’t take this opportunity called life for granted.

We want to feel good but too often we wait to stumble on the fortune. Whether you believe in quantum or God, if you don’t seek to discovery more of what you don’t know you may lose years of joy.

Also, there is a huge flaw in “SOME DAY”. It never comes. If you always chase some day you may never enjoy what you have today.

Its okay to set goals but your path is filled with progress. Enjoy today before you find yourself at the end of time and make the regretful statement, “I should have or if I had it to do over again”.

My advice is to move to discovery and remember to enjoy what you discover.

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