What about God

I'm struggling with what is truth. Too many religions putting a twist to their beliefs.  It all comes down to Love and being a good person.  I continue to study that for growth and peace sake.

At the end of life I accept becoming part of the Marigolds and will honor any bonus better than that.

2 thoughts on “What about God”

  1. With all my confusion I decided to take on the Bible, King James Version. As I understood my teachings, God is the all forgiving God. He knows all before it happens. If he gives me what I need as I need it then he knew my entire path thousands of years ago. He also knows the balance of my life.
    Well then, If he is the all forgiving God and knows what will happen then it is safe to say he set up Eve and the Serpent. He also know he was going to create the flawed man and would have to flood the earth and begin again.
    So Cain was in charge of the fields and Able acted as shepard. Then why was God so condescending to Cain when he came to God with the offering from the earth. Hmmm.
    God knew the Pharaoh would entrap the Jews and that Moses would go through all the magic. Then God puts all the plagues on the Pharoah. Then God orders the first born males of Egypt dead. Is this the God we know? I think not.
    I am through Joshua so far. Do you have any idea how much death and destruction God caused as he roamed the Jews across the land to Canin?
    If I am to believe in God, he didn’t do any of this. I think the insane and inhumane humans did all this on their own and designed this insane story to put fear in man. Through all this it is written that God is jealous and if you don’t do what he says you will be stoned or hung or cast to a bad place on earth.

  2. Bible interpretation:
    After my last response I met with my priest to talk about the differences I interpret in the first six books of the Old Testament. He suggested I open my mind to the possibility of the words having another meaning. And so I continue to read while allowing for consultation that there is a message being sent that I will later understand. So, DON’T JUDGE without further investigation.

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