Who is God vs. What God Represents

What is God vs What God represents

Religion: A particular system or path belief to faith in a supernatural God or Gods.  It is man’s interpretation of historical events.

There are several sacred text book paths of religion interpreted by man.  It would be more believable if there was one set of documents.  There are also several accounts we will never know about because of natural fires and intentional destruction for the purpose of control.  Control for power and greed is a human flaw we may never overcome.  Unless of course we see the coming of the What is God that we say set all this in motion.

Examples of several testimonial paths set by humans are and not limited to; the Christian bible, Koran, Veda, Masora, Alcoran, Tripitaka, Torah, Talmud, the Analects, Book of Mormon and the Eddas.

I can only speak to the King James version because that is what I have been somewhat studying. King James Christian version has many revisions and versions.  These, like others, constantly fail the lesson of their intension.  The same events interpreted by man in the old testament continue to repeat themselves through time. Why? Because of man’s hunger for power and greed.

We continue to preach What God is rather than what God represents.  Our form seems to revolve around command, demand, fear and hope.  Maybe it has to be, since we don’t have another system and refuse to cross boundaries from our belief that each of our ways is the best way.  This method to continue to cause conflict.

Within each generation, the belief system begins with the human interpretation and domestication of our beliefs that we were taught.  Along life, we mature and begin to draw other conclusions.  We then waiver from the belief we were taught.  At that point we should begin a true self awareness of who we are and what God Represents. Even that is an unabashed version of truth.  We don’t study how to change, we only dip into our undeveloped self and say; I am not going to raise my child as my parent raised me.  we say, “I don’t know what I’m going to do but its going to be different”.  Then we set out do use some theory without complete investigation.  Our underlying subconscious leads us to influence from a foundation of greed.  We don’t show our children how to love. We threaten them of hell if they don’t behave a particular way.

What we should be doing is studying What God Represents rather than Who God is. Who God is, only causes conflict.  Each religious cult wants God to be who they say he is.

They continue to taint the human by trying to correct the mistakes they made without investigating why they made the mistake in the first place.  If you believe man, he will tell you Jesus was slain for all man’s sins.  What is a more likely reason is man used this event to further control man.  If in fact, Jesus was slain by God, it was only to give balance to the mistake God made in during his creation of man.  He did it to balance his own mistake. The result is our total misdirection of man’s insistence on proving What God is rather than what God represents.  It is man’s continue path that causes mass shootings.  We unknowingly domesticated our children into this in our effort to correct our own mistakes.  Then we politicize it by wanting to control guns.

There is this invisible entity profoundly described by humans.  It’s called the spirit.  The different sacred texts have pitted man against each other for thousands of years by insisting their path was the only path. To this day we not only fight and strongly differ between our sacred texts but shamefully within the same sacred text beliefs.  Just like our North against our south.  Just like East Germany and West Germany. Or the Catholicism of the Irish against the Protestant of the United Kingdom.  Man alone has done this.  Our human flaw is the insistence  of what God is rather than What God Represents.

Man alone has interpreted God and caused conflict through jealousy, greed and power.

This accomplishes nothing more than hypocrisy and the tarnishing within or against each other.

There are no spiritual differences between us.  It is our humanistic beliefs and desire and greed that keeps us at bay.  Fear and hope for what happens tomorrow and after we dye is a problem.

Lets understand what God is.  What this spirit represents.  It’s a smile. It’s a hug. It’s a conveyance of unity.

We move so darn fast through life. Chasing after a feeling, that we don’t take time to really understand.  And so, maybe we should consider what God is from a spiritual realm.  A realm within us.  Spirit is defined as some sort of ghost type entity.  When we use that word, we must agree it is not something you can surgically remove from our body.  So lets understand the what of God and Satan.  These are words that represent how we interpret the spirit within.  Without a plethora of examples let’s use the emotion called love.  As humans, we’ve even misinterpreted that word through greed.  From the onset of life we don’t teach its meaning.  We’ve made it chemical and sexual.  For a moment, let’s go off the sexual and chemical induction of endorphins, serotonin and norepinephrine.  Theses are all chemicals that work in unison with the spirit to define what God is.  If we are not taught what God’s love means, we will be left to our human misinterpretation.  God is centuries of collective unconsciousness that is inherent but also requires the human body to interpret what the feel good really means.  The body and spirit must work together, or each will not reach its maximum understanding. To understand the real meaning of what God is, we must find a moment of real peace within us.  This is what meditation can do for us.  It’s a path toward our collective spirit, our center.

Not so easy for the distracted or high energy people to be on that path.  For many high energy people, A.D.D. afflicted, the only way to clear the noise is chemically induced.  We think this is the path to freedom.  We can’t stand the noise but don’t understand how to escape it.

We lose so much in site of what God represents that we don’t use the three words to express love.  Rather, we use the contraction; “ ’Love ya! ” It’s a “dis-grace” to the term of endearment.  Even the term disgrace, is misunderstood. When something is of dis-grace, it is something void of grace.  Understanding it this way is more of a misfortune than condemnation.  If we understand life to be of grace or void of grace, we will be living in what God Represents  rather than Who God is.

When we ask what God represents, we find more of a sense of neutrality.  God is a spirit in a sense of real peace.  Words like self-acceptance, comfort, enjoyment, compassion.  This feeling is not only in our nucleus, but also an energy that exudes itself into the entire universe.  It makes no difference what you call it.  Call it God, Buddha, Ala, profit, Quantum; its all of the same nucleus.  This will allow you to accept it as never ending but continuing is some sort of peace.  Peace, whether heaven or earth in the form of something other than human.

Imagine if we lived in what God represents in the conflicts across the earth and learned to help people rather than control them.

Stop chasing it and just be it…., Live it.


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