My disclaimer.  I abused alcohol for years.  I did not have a Disease.  My neurons did change because that’s what happens.  I quit on notice to myself without some profound spiritual awakening.  That theory is a system that works to get you to stop.  As I see it, the problem is we trade one flaw for another. I believe it tricks your subconscious to abstain.  Again, it does work. To grow and encourage neuro plasticity we must study behavior change. Just remember, you can’t wait at the bus stop for some real miracle to show up.  It takes work to retrain our brain.  Its called CBT. Cognitive Behavioral Training.


After abstention from alcohol, I asked myself what I was lacking that justified seeking fast track superpower through drugs or alcohol.

 The next morning I’d be Left with the revocation of the power, a headache and slight memory of embarrassing behavior.

Consistent with human flaw, I’d return for more of the fast-track superpower and the unconscious memory of the same residual remains.

Not limited to drugs or alcohol, for others, it may be food, sex or other abusive behavior on ourselves or others. I’m not the staunch advocate of complete abstention from an Oreo or sex or alcohol.  After all, we are only human AND, they feel good.  I am bringing attention to intention and the cause.


What in the name of good living causes this seemingly “Okay” behavior?  In most cases only to be interrupted by some peril so much larger than ourselves. The damaging scar remains in us forever.


We text while driving until we may kill someone by being distracted.  All in the service of believing we must communicate now.  Yet 35 years ago we did not have mobile phones. How did we survive without phones? The kid who killed three kids passing a bus was never properly trained of the consequences of her behavior. It took the peril of death on others to learn.



One of the scars we don’t realize is the burning of valuable time.  I’m 72 and often look back on how much of my life was burned in confusion of priorities.  Some say “I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything”.  As long as your dreaming, would you have traded them for a better influence of how to lead life.  Would you have wanted to be warned of the consequences of the behavior?  Would you have wanted to be trained of the rewards life has to offer?


According to some charts, my life expectancy is 73.5.  That means I have roughly a year to live. What will I do with the last year? What have I done with my life?  The awareness is only to realize how precious time is.  The rewards of talent and discovery of those talents is incredible.


We often fall into submission to belief systems that put our earth life into submission for some afterlife. Think about this; if God exists, that power that created this all-mighty world of power and art and love, don’t you think that power would want you to live your life to its fullest rather than submitting to an afterlife in trade of all the inner talents you retain? What do you think God would say if you asked him or her if you could be in love with another human as much as some advocates suggest you love God more?  He’d say heck yes.  It’s a joy of humanity.


Other misdirects are our human frailty or fear of effort by those short-term superpowers I speak of.

All this preface, for what or why.


It took me years of humanistic and neurological research to come to the profound awareness.


In simple terms, we were born with much of our propensities.  The map is written.  It’s the hand we are held.  I speak of talents, motivations, and desires.  Someone tells us we were born that way.  We take that and make it our excuse for continuing the behavior.  Its true, we are born with flaws.  We are told we should know better.  Not so, depending on our influences.  if the speed limit is 35 and for years you drive 40, you are breaking the law.  You justify this inside your mind.  But you should know better.  BUT YOU DON’T.

Then these aforesaid behaviors are further influenced by real life impacts. We lack for true guidance.  Not because our adult influencers don’t care.  It too was their path of influence.


What can I do to change?  Do I need to change? What don’t I know?  How hard am I willing to research and discover what is inside me that I am willing to manage differently?


If you are really interested, contact me.  OR, keep on eating the Oreos until your heart gives up.  Keep drinking on Friday night only to discover you were observed being a  flawed superman.