Why learn the human condition



The more we know about a subject, the more accurate our assessment.  You will learn this later in the writing, Judgment.  For now let’s focus on, why learn it.  I found more peace after understanding more of what we call normal.


Webster defines Normal as

conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.


I call this ludicrous because if enough people jump off a bridge to their death, it may be deemed normal.  You may shake your head after learning another perspective of what we call normal.


We would be tormented to live in some current cultures because of what they practice as normal.

As many as 25 cultures use to practice life sacrifice.


Example of why to learn more depth about the human condition. Have you ever faced a project with 2 pages of warnings and 5 more pages of assembly instructions?  If you are like I was, i didn't have the patience to read all that garbage. I’d put it together and end up with extra parts that would haunt me.  My real example is one of those composite desks from the office supply house.  I’d almost never need a second one so its hard to relate. Unless of course your office is buying 5 of them during a remodel.  I was an expert on the 5th one.  I even redesigned the allen key to fit in my power drill.  All was a snap. I had to undue half of it to come back and get it right the second time.  Substitute my desk example with your own.

I would have better off learning about it before I assembled it.  Another example is utilizing a device for my purpose and never realizing it was able to perform five more great feats. You will find those You-tube videos all over the Internet.  If only I learned more about how to use devises.  If only i was influence more about human conditioning at a younger age.


Once you know better, there is less guessing right from wrong.  I'm not just talking about saying the words "know better".  I'm talking about feeling them. If you are going to jump into this project of self, you should plan on learning and expect adjustments to the new you.

You don't want to invest years of reprogramming yourself only to learn 30 years later you might have been able to lead a even a better life had you known more aspects of the human condition.


There’s an old cliché, “If only I’d known better”.  I'm now 72 and I can honestly say, I don’t have time to go through another 20 years only to say “if only I  knew better”.  I'm out to discover as much as I am able.


Learning all about ourself, allows us to discern a better method.  We become more responsible to our self.  There are less make-believes.  No more hiding from who we really are. You won’t need to worry about what you said because its not made up.  A new sense of calm and freedom to “BE” comes about us.  Knowing those who influenced me were likely acting on their condition helps me practice forgiveness.  Not for them, rather for myself.   Learning brought me to a more peaceful landing.  Shedding the resentments, judgment and anger allowed my mind to be more opened to positive creativity.


I remember being at an event fund raiser when a guest randomly asked me how I became who I was being.  He asked because he sensed I was being more free and at peace than many men.  After thanking him, I admitted it was not easy.  I went on to convey it was a tremendous effort of open-minded discovery through education.  Others will notice your energy and become attracted to it.  Believe me, it really works.


Once we become AWARE, we no longer burn time on anger, resentment, and revenge.  We understand and forgive.  That does not mean to say we return for another punch.  We may have to put space between us and that behavior.  Just because I've been vaccinated for COVID does not make me think i can stand in front of every cough.  Imagine forgiving an assaulter for killing one of your siblings.  Killing the perpetrator or holding resentment will not change one bit of your loss.  Why would the perpetrator have committed such a heinous?  Especially if they knew how great life could be.  By learning to understand will help us dissolve those emotions we would otherwise experience.  In addition, we will stop drinking the poison of the perpetrator.  We are only being just like them if we bite back. If cancer was contagious you wouldn't hug another cancer victim would you?


Another aspect of learning about our self is having the knowing that it can even get better.  Its like a motivator for growth. learning to believe we may not really know better can push to learn more about us.  This may cause you to research and discover a greater alternative.   Once you understand the philosophy, you are in charge of change.  No more excuses.


Are you ready for that?


Learning all the facets of the human condition allows us to approach discovery from many perspectives.  Knowing how you got here will help you discern and redirect yourself faster.


Remember, the currency of life is time.  no matter how much you extend it,we can never buy  back the past.  Burning a day in self-agony is one less day we’re able to discover some of the great events of our self.


On my 41st birthday I mourned how much of my life I waisted and hurt others.  After burning 5 days in senseless mourning, I realized I had approximately 40-50 years to “Getty up” and discover myself.  Later i will tell you both stories, both lives.  First let me tell you how about our first condition.


It began with past generations. The human GENO