The attendant where i get gas was sad. The man in front of me said she should try smiling or stay home because of her mood. She responded: "I'm sorry, my mother died this morning and I need  to be at work because I need the income to support my children"





If we would only learn how to free ourselves from ourselves we may be able to let the love for others in.


Have sympathy for  those who don't know how to express a love emotion or a loving sympathy. They don't say hello or good morning;  they just begin talking. They don't say thank you, they say thanks.  They don't say I love you, they say 'Love you. Their esteem is stuck in materialism rather than simplicity.

We must have sympathy for those who are trapped in this world.  If they really felt and experienced love they would evolve themselves.  Ive been both and am happy to "I love you".  'they must go home with who they are acting to be.




From what I've seen, Little is being said about the cost of raising the minimum wage. There is a huge intellectual investment by both Employer and Employee.

our so called great economy is revealing the present abilities of many of the entry level employees.  They have been idol for so long they have little intellectual concept.  The abrupt  proof is my invitation to stop at what was called fast food. Most upfront employees have no concept of consumer contact for best result. Nor are they aware of priority. Maybe they suffer from bent neck syndrome from texting.  Sure, lets blame it on that. These novice virgins to the work force are victims of their employer.  Their reward is the consumer's insults and obvious frustrations.  When a customer walks in and two agents are off to the side, not assigned to customer greeting, we all seem to be invisible to them.  They are an idol agent to the workforce. Then if they are complained on three times by the consumer they lose the job.  Most probably have no concept of asking for help from their superior.

I have personally pulled out of the drive up order line three times in the last month because it didn't move for 10 minutes.


Now there is the immediate superior. They too may be a victim of the force. Why? Because the board of directors have been trained to focus on the income statement. If business is not good then come up with a gimmick to circumvent their call to train with compassion.  Rather, put up a sign and lower prices.  Or throw a toy in the bag and market it in the media.


Hey Big Mac', step up and step down to see how your neglect to help your employees is coming too.