Welcome to my site.  I'm Kyriakos John Pappas Mavris.

Ever wonder what its like to be on top of our world? A place where everything under the clouds disappears. Its a sustained moment of a total clarity of  mind.  All you can hear is your breath inhale and exhale and your heart beat.

There is no noise or stress. This is what the top level of meditation resembles.


We are reduced to maximum humility.


All the masks you wear, disappear. Nothing is important.


This photo is our world, our country.  I was very happy to be able to pull the trigger on the shutter before the sun rose over the horizon.


Come with me. Walk with me. Discover your peace.


Hold my hand. Let me share with you how I traveled  from fog, masks, pretense and storms, to clarity, authenticity, focus and calm.